Saturday, April 16, 2011

Things From Local Auctions That Made Me Drool

Gathering old things
together connects someone's past to your
future. When you collect you are a curator of lives.

I love the color and the amazing lines of this sofa! I can picture this sofa in a robins egg blue room.

-Auction_479_03_30_11_1301522580712-42211 082 (Medium)
With these lamps next to the sofa.

-Auction_479_04_01_11_1301693675087-42211 095 (Medium)
Mermaid lamps....every surfer girl should have a set of these!

I love old VW Bugs...I had one just like this in my early 20's! Thanks Dad!

Bunting lawn chairs....the best made lawn furniture.

-Auction_485_03_21_11_1300742004241-32811 075 (Medium)
A pair of 50's slipper chairs.


  1. Hello Mary, how lucky you live in America, here in Italy, the design is very different, and often very expensive 'cause there is not much and high prices, but sometimes there are real bargains out of garbage cans. In Italy there are small markets, bartered or sold in the garage, maybe they did !!!!! throw away a lot and in doing so destroy the furniture .....But over time I also managed to recover furniture cheap or free and restored by one ... ( sorry for my english )

    Sorry for my english........

  2. Amazing! In the UK that sofa would be more then £3000.

  3. Love it all! My friend has the mermaid lamp in her bathroom! I've been tryin' to talk her out of it! lol..see the picture at

  4. All such cool stuff! I do love that lawn furniture, we just can't get it over here :o(

  5. I really like the quote at the top - I like to think that the person who owned the 50s and 60s pieces that I collect would be happy that they are being loved and enjoyed all over again :)

  6. oh my word, i'd give my right arm for those mermaid lamps!

  7. Amazing things! All of them! I too got my VW when I turned 19! First car I learned how to drive standard on! I still have it, just can't part with it. My husband sort of took it over though....


  8. I was about to say the same as Straight Talking Mama, we just cant get that stuff here in the UK. But I love seeing your pictures, thanks for sharing!

  9. I love the slipper chairs soo much! I keep coming across them but always for much more than what I can afford. One day my chairs will find me!