Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Covet Garden Inspiration

Hi DeluxeVille readers! I got an email today from DeluxeVille reader Sandra, who sent me a link to Covet Garden, because she thought I might enjoy looking at the recent issue. Boy, did I ever enjoy taking a peek! I enjoyed it so much, I thought you all might enjoy taking a peek too! Trust me, you'll be very inspired by the 40's/50's vintage decor and style of Moira Roe. Not only do you get to look at some fab eye candy, but they also include some killer recipes so you can throw a swinging cocktail party!


And what a neato little online magazine Covet Garden is too.

"Covet Garden is for folks who are curious about real spaces. We take a peek into the homes and lives of some of the city’s most interesting people—spaces that have not been styled by interior decorators. Covet Garden is inspirational, not aspirational."

Now I'm off to take a look at their back issues!



  1. Oh my I am coveting!Off to share this with others!

  2. Oh wow, her chenille bedspread, lamp and robe... I think my head just exploded from the fabulousness!

  3. I love this! I agree with Tasha! That bedspread and robe are magical! I am going to check this out more for myself! Great post!

  4. Fantastic! This is truly inspiring! I have been putting quite a bit of time into my house lately which is making me feel burnt out. This just breathed new life to my projects! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hey that's me! Thanks Mary for posting this. The gals at Covet Garden are great. Please subscribe to the magazine too. It's free and you can win neato prizes like kitchen appliances.

  6. I posted a link to this magazine on my Facebook page this morning, is'nt it wonderful, Moira is such an inspiration!