Friday, May 13, 2011

Oh My, She Didn't....

Oh yes I did! Thursday after work I stopped off at a local auction house to have a look at what vintage goodies they might have. Imagine my surprise when I came across the table with all the vintage clothing on it!! I went off to get a bidding number straight away and settled myself down in an old wooden chair. Then I waited....and waited....and waited some more, but eventually I scored the lot of vintage clothing I wanted. I didn't get all the clothing as the bidding numbers were flying! Okay really, it was just me and some other guy who's a regular there and usually buys up all the vintage textiles and such. But not tonight!! Tonight I hung in there and came away with a victory. A more expensive victory then I wanted to pay but a victory none the less. So what did I get?? Well, there was one dress I wanted really, really bad out of the whole lot. I wasn't even sure it would fit but I knew I could at least resale it if it didn't. When I came home, I spun around like the Tasmanian Devil and tried everything on! WWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. It was then that I realized my vintage karma is still right with the vintage universe because not only did the dress I want fit me but so did everything else!

Now I present to you, the love at first sight dress:

Vintage Dress
Stop drooling on your keyboard.......

I know right, to die for!!! It's so, so dreamy. The perfect little cotton Summer dress and the cutest peasant style neckline. Now admit it, you would have done the same thing if you were me.

Do you want to see what else I got??? I mean come on, I know you do!! I picked up a total of 5 dresses, three shirts, a strapless bra slip, and a cute pair of wool children's winter pants! All for the high price of $150. EEK ! That's like $30 bucks a dress so, that's not so bad is it? I also picked up 6 pairs of vintage 40's & 50's shoes for $3! Yup that was all. I wanted two of the pairs but had to buy the lot of 6 and for $3 bucks it wasn't so bad because the 2 pair of shoes I wanted are killer and they fit me. They were the only ones that did. It amazes me how good I am at eyeballing the sizes of things and being right. Does anybody else do that too?

Vintage Shoes
If you guessed that the two pair of shoes I wanted are the front two, you are right! $1.50 for each pair I wanted and a bonus of 4 more pair of shoes, no complaints here!

Okay back to the clothing! In my lot was also this cute little R & K Original light green Summer dress. If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you know how much I love an R&K dress! This one is exceptionally nice and has adorable bows on the shoulders!



A lacy cotton pink Summer dress and below that, a cotton blouse/Summer jacket.


Love the embroidery details on the bottom.

I love the print on this top and the color used on the sleeves, collar and pocket. I'll be wearing this one over my jeans for sure! These were some of my favorite pieces, more clothing to show but that will have to wait for another time.

Before I forget, I also picked up these three working fans for $12 bucks. I love old fans and happen to really love the color of these. Plus they still work...why buy cheap plastic crap fans when you can buy well built, still working, metal vintage ones?!


Oh what an awesome night it was and oh what an auction high I got. I can not tell you how rare it is to find a whole lot of vintage clothing come up at an auction. You might get a dress here, or a pair of shoes, but never as much as what was in this auction. I let a lot of things go because I just didn't have the $$$ I wanted to spend on everything. I had to decide on what I really wanted and pool my money for that. I still think I did really well for the money I spent. Proving to myself once again that you can find bargins still out there. You just have to put the time in to look and have patience.


  1. wow, honey, you did GREAT! $150 is a lot to spend but at $30 for those amazing dresses, you did really well. I am SO jealous over your shoes too- amazing!! the lot was meant for you! :) have a great weekend, doll

  2. What awesome finds!!! I love the red pair of shoes!!! And that smock like shirt is adorable. :)

  3. Well done you! fabulous buys and at a great price too in my opinion. I'm so glad you got the dress you really wanted.

  4. WHAT?!? I am so extremely jealous right now, you have no idea ;) That first dress is ah-mazing and the shoes- wow. You are definitely on the upswing right now, enjoy it!

  5. Brittany...I totally blew my thrifty budget...and I've been oh so good for months now...I just couldn't pass up a find like this!

    Emily...I am so going to make a pair of cute red bow shoe clips for those and then put them up in my ETSY to go back out into the world for someone else to love!


  6. Oh my, I am hyperventilating at the awesomeness of your finds!! That first dress is AMAZING!

  7. Trust me everyone...I know how freakin lucky I am right now! This is a very rare vintage auction moment for me. The last time I found this much vintage clothing at an auction was 6 years ago! That dress absolutely floored me when I saw it and in all honesty I got it and everything else really cheap. The vintage karma is good to me!!!

  8. Holy Smokes!!
    That first dress is to die for, but the rest are REALLY amazing, too!! I love the R&K one :)
    Bravo! Great finds!

  9. Jesus! You are amazing. The entire lot is amazing. I'm so jealous I am speechless :) GOOD FINDS!

  10. Love the dresses and the shoes! Amazing! And I have that little turquoise Eskimo fan too- it really works well- just don't get your fingers caught in there, LOL!

  11. Excellent haul Just fab.Love that printed top. xx

  12. Crazy amazing! You are indeed a lucky girl- the shoes alone are just ridiculously good. Congrats!!!

  13. oh by golly!!!! i think i just fell out on the floor and was like out for a few minutes...the cute-ness of that first dress is freakin' amazing!!!!!!!! you have the vintage magic!

  14. SCORE!!!! Love that first dress and your SHOES. Lucky duck!!! :)

  15. I am horribly jealous, I want to up sticks and move so I can get good vintage.

  16. I am pea green with envy right now!Awesome score congrats!!That ribbon dress oh my!The shoes had me near tears,all so fantastic!

  17. WOW that is really fantastic. What auctions in PA do you go to?

  18. Wonderful!!! That dress is a DREAM!!!! Congrats!!