Monday, May 2, 2011

A Scooter to Make You Drool....

Oh my, lookie what's coming up at an auction!
A Vintage Lambretta!




This is, as far as I can tell, the same Lambretta that was sold at this auction a year ago....Vespa Hunting. It went for over $3,000 then, so I wonder why it's going up for auction again so soon?? Hmmm Weird. I'm sure there will be a $3,000 reserve on it. Perhaps I'll go just to be nosey and see what it sells for this time.


  1. WOW this Lambretta is in a nice condition. It will be perfect for you. Lambretta are 10 times more beautifull than Vespa. i cross my finger for you :)

  2. Hello Mary, this lambretta is beautiful i adore the J50 DELUXE.

    My boy is part of a scooter club " Pregiati scooter club ".
    In spring every week-end mount in the saddle and we are also 6 hours travel to go to the various gatherings vespa.

    Later i will put the photos of our vespa, a PX of the 1982, is not very vintage, but for long journeys is the most comfortable, and we are in search of models years 60s, type the GS and the GL, but the prices are doubled compared to a few years ago.


  3. TheBlackPinafore...I look forward to seeing your post and pictures of your scooter. A scooter club sounds like so much fun...the adventures you must have!

    TheBigMama...oh there's no way I'm bidding on that...way outta my price range!

  4. I use to have an old 50s allstate and a silver pigeon in HS. 3K for a Lammy? WOW! How times have changed?