Monday, October 29, 2012

Waiting it out....

....that's what we're doing here in the western area of New Jersey as our poor coastline is taking a beating from the"Frankenstorm". We prepared the property yesterday for the approaching storm by fixing windows, patching roofs, bringing in wood, covering the wood pile, and cramming as much as possible into the two car garage.


Actually, these are normal things we do around here to prepare for Winter, we just had to start a little early this year. We ALWAYS lose power where we could be a perfectly sunny day or perhaps just a passing thunder storm, and if a tree falls down in the right spot somewhere in a 10 mile vicinity, that's pretty much it for the power! We know we will be losing power eventually, we're just not sure when.

So, I've been spending my day making a big pot of veggie chili, making pizza dough for later, and in general prepping for when we lose our power. (the lights have been flickering as I write and I can hear the trees breaking outside my window, it's a creepy, scary sound) I think I'll make some corn muffins next, while I still have use of my oven, and also whip up some mashed potatoes....I love to eat my chili over mashed potatoes! How do you eat your chili?


No serious worries here, as I have a fire to keep me warm, a good book to read, lots of candles, and a big bottle of wine to calm my nerves! Lets all cross our fingers that when we wake up tomorrow, the rest of the Eastern Shoreline will still be here.

Stay safe East Coasters!



  1. Thinking about y'all! Stay safe! Oh, and I'll take my chili anyway that I can get it. : )

    1. Thanks girl! I don't know which is scarier, the weather or the fact that Sgt has found my old Monopoly game!

  2. Good luck to you guys! Funny about the monopoly game- my kids just asked to get ours out! And I like my chili over noodles (or Fritos, for Frito pie- ask Sgt about that one ;)

  3. That chilli looks so good. I'm eagerly waiting the snow so I can make a ton of soups and bake lots of goodies. Hope all goes well and I'll say a little prayer for you.

  4. Chilli on ruffles patato chips! Stay safe it it all blows over!

  5. Hope you're doing okay up there! The chili looks fabulous :) If you do lose power- I hope they restore it quickly!

    Thinking about you!

    xxxLottie Lee

  6. I hope everyone stays safe on the East. Though, I don't ever wish for disaster, destruction, or injury, the thought of being cooped up in a warm home with a hot bowl of chili sounds rather inviting. Sometimes I wish our weather was just bad enough to not have to go into work.

  7. Chili over mashed potatoes? OmG I've never even thought of doing that. (Here in the south a lot of people put noodles in theirs but I don't.) I have a crock-pot of chik'n chili cooking right now...that'd be gross though...wouldn't it? :D

    Stay safe mary De and please post your chili recipe when the power comes back on! It looks similar to one I make but it's probably yummier1

  8. i love to eat chili over rice with lots of cheese and sour cream. every once and a while i'll dump it over tortilla chips.
    we're a little north of philly in pa and thankfully only lost power for the evening. hope you're safe and dry!

  9. i love to eat chili over rice with lots of cheese and sour cream. every once in a while i dump it over tortilla chips.
    we're a little north of philly in PA and thankfully only lost power for the evening on monday. hope you're safe and dry!