Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Stomach Bug

I'm at home today with a sick puppy who seems to have caught a stomach bug.  A few weekends ago our other puppy also had the same thing... vomiting and diarrhea.  That's not a good thing for a puppy who spends a day in a crate to have, so I volunteered to stay home to make sure we could avoid some unwanted accidents.   As the patient snoozes away on the bed with his faithful side kick, Lab-O-Potamus, I got busy pulling out some vintage dresses that I picked up when I went off to auction with SusieQT. 

 I still need to clean and mend the buttons on some of the dresses but otherwise they are in excellent condition.  The woman had a wide range of amazing clothes!  

A Cotton halter dress with a batik style print.
 A cotton dress with cutouts and tie back.
A taffeta house coat dress
Halter evening dress.  Any ideas what type of fabric this is?  It has a stiff/crisp feel to it and an iridescent quality.  I'm guessing it to be a fabric made with lurex.

As you can see, this lot added to my suitcase of vintage clothing from another auction this Summer, means I'm going to be busy cleaning, mending and ironing for awhile. But that's okay because October is motivation month and this is just another chapter to add to my book.



  1. Man, those look great- much better than stacked on a table! You're way ahead of me- I sent one to the cleaners 2 weeks ago and haven't picked it up yet...LOL

  2. Wow you have some great dresses! I really like the cutout one for summer. I'm sorry your puppy is feel bad. I hope he feels better.

  3. oh those two pups, what cuties! My little one also has a poorly tum, i find chammomile tea works great for her, as well as the usual conventional things like plain chicken and a little anti diarrhea medicine, poor pups! xxx

  4. That last dress is glorious! I hope your poochie is better soon.

  5. Ah poor puppy! They are so cute! I love the name 'Lab-O-Potamus'. We have an old collie-lab cross and he is a little on the tubby side these days and we do often affectionately refer to him as the Walrus!!
    I'm glad I am not the only one who lets dogs sleep on the bed - I often get looks of horror when people find this out! :) xoxo

  6. awww hope the puppy is better.what lovely dresses.You always find lovely things.