Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October the Month of Motivation

I've elected October as my month of motivation!  I have been a slacker in all things in regards to my life for months now and I think it's time for me to kick my own butt back into action.  Why do we lose our motivation?  Has my life gotten so busy?  Is that the excuse I should use to justify the lack of care I've been giving my life?  Perhaps I've just gotten bored with my life?  Or maybe I have been overwhelmed by all the life changes that have happened to me?  What ever it is that has been demotivating me, I think it's time to banish it and settle back down into my groove.  And by groove, I mean, getting back into finding the joy and inspiration on an everyday basis in my life!  No, I have not been reading tea bags again....I'm just hoping to rediscover myself and perhaps some new things about myself that I didn't know existed!  I think we all go through times in our lives when we lose touch with ourselves, for what ever reasons, for however long, and then we have a moment or perhaps moments when we realize for our own happiness, we must take the time to find ourselves again.  I decided October will be my month to start listening again to my inner me.

So where do I start?  Easy, the first thing I plan on doing is committing again to being a healthy me.  Not that I'm a complete slacker here, I just would be healthy for a month only to suffer some sort of set back and fall of the commitment wagon again.  This time I'm on the wagon and I plan on staying on the wagon come rocky road or smooth road! :)  I'm strapping myself to the wagon this time.  With a recent new gym membership, I have been re-motivated to get my butt back into shape and I'm super excited to take advantage of all the new possibilities of various fitness classes my new gym has.  The old gym had none and they also had really basic boring workout equipment.  When I get bored with my workout routine, I lose my motivation and fall off the fitness wagon!

At the new gym, I have rediscovered my old friend The Precor 100i and the original Nautilus StairMaster.   I have always enjoyed torturing myself in various ways on fitness equipment!  The first 15 minutes are hell but the last 5 are amazing!

October is the month where my inner journey begins again.  I am on the path to rediscover myself, explore new ideas, and create joy on a daily basis in my life.  Part of my plan is also to begin blogging more often and finding my creative spark again.  It's been a dim flicker for too long.  Here's to some interesting posts coming your way!



  1. I recently started using that trackless elliptical as well - I'm working my way up to doing my full workout on it but right now I'm still on the regular elliptical for 20 minutes and the trackless for 15. You are right: it is somehow so much fun. I thought it was just because it was something different.

  2. I've been getting caught up on reading your posts from this year and I really hear you on this one! Only I haven't been slacking for a few months, but for several years! *sigh* But you've inspired me to get my butt in gear too. We can do it! :)