Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Bullet Planter

Sgt and I went to a really nice two day farm auction last weekend to see if we could snag some things for our shop.  Sgt and I make a good team, we both see things differently in terms of what we might buy for the shop.  I think this helps to give our booth an interesting eclectic mix of farm house country/mid century modern items.  So far, we've had no complaints!   There wasn't much mid-century items at this auction, but I was still happy, as it was full of other really neat things.  I did however spy this generic bullet planter and I made poor Sgt stay till the very end of the auction so I could snag it up for myself!  I've always wanted a bullet planter but have never run across one in my auction travels before and the ones I do see online, I could never afford.  But this one ended up mine for the outrageously high price of 10 bucks.

This afternoon, I decided to fill it up with dirt and put it to good use!  Good timing as I decided it was time to bring my plants in from the back porch before we get hit with our first frost.



And just in case you're wondering what the gruesome twosome was up to as I was digging in the dirt and moving plants around......they were just hanging out supervising! 


Now to find a safe place in the house to put the planter!



  1. Your dogs are so cute! And that's a beautiful planter and so period correct with Mother-In-Law tongues! 8-P

  2. Great score! I've always wanted one of those too.