Saturday, March 14, 2009


I went to the mall this evening to run some errands. I can't tell you how much I loath the's beyond words really how I feel about the stupid mall. Anyway I stopped in at Victoria's Secret to look for some stockings. They were having some sort of weird promotion if you try a bra on you get $5 off at the register. So being the cheap bastard that I am and being that I have lost weight and I'm really not sure about my bra size anymore, I decided what the hell and get measured while I was there. All I can say is, it was a bad idea. I don't like VS and pretty much think their bras are crap. Their ability to measure correctly for bra size is also crap. At first the woman told me I was a 32B.....hmmmm WHAT??? So she brought me a 32B and the girls were all kinds of spilling out every where. She looked at me and said oh, that's not right is it?? I told her I guess it would be okay if I were a stripper??? So, she brought me back a 34C. Which still didn't fit right to me but then it's hard to tell since I don't think VS makes a bra without a a severe amount of padding! At this point I realized I was wasting my time and decided to take my little ladies some place where they can read a tape measure...thank you very much! But I did take my $5 off coupon!!

So I ask.......Where do you like to buy your bras?? What is a brand that you love??


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  2. I love Ruby Pink and Lepel. I get mine at a shop called the Bra Stop, which sells bras for the more well endowed girl at discount prices. For some unknown reason here in London the bigger the cup size, the more you pay!!!

  3. Being as cheap as you - Target. I'm terrible because I really go by price more than fit or anything. I usually pay about ten bucks. My sister swears by VS's new bra, which she says is customized by cup size. But, if they can't even measure you right in the store, I guess you're on your own to find the right one!

  4. Ms de Vil...some how paying more for having a bigger set of boobies just seems wrong to me??

  5. TikiMama...I have bought my bras at target already! lol I have never been measured for a correct fit and I was thinking now would be a good time. I just need to find a place that would do it correctly.

  6. Grrrrr....don't get me started on bras. I haven't owned a decent bra in 2 years now. Nursing bras are the least supportive, ugliest, crappiest bras in the entire world.

    Back when I was with the land of the living I liked Wacoal which is carried at Macy's, Nordstrom, etc. I used to love Wonderbras, but they just don't make them like they used to.

    My very favorite bra ever is a vintage Lady Marlene merry widow.

    Victoria's Secret can bite my rear.

  7. VS can bite the big one! Their big secret is that their bras and panties are actually really crappy....shhhhhh don't tell anyone!

    I would have thought nursing bras would be very you really need extra support when nursing!

  8. Nope, they are the worst bras in the world. Most are so darn flimsy they couldn't support a pair of grapes. The ones that are kinda supportive completely flatten you out.

    The saddest part to me is that this is the best my boobs are going to look. ever. and I can't even find a decent, functional bra.

    Sorry for going on and on, but I definitely feel your pain.

    If you were anywhere in my area (Chicago) I'd recommend a store called Betty Schwartz's. Its fully staffed with old ladies who know their business and and have no problem making sure that you have the item on right, if you know what I mean.

  9. i buy my bras at bloomies or marshall's if i stumble across my weird size there!
    they are the only things i splurge on.

    i went to this place that does the bra fittings on talk shows and stuff in nyc and i was wearing the COMPLETELY wrong size and am amazed at what the right size bra can do for me. one of my friends went to the one in chicago after me and she was so in shock of how awesome the right bra made her boobs look too. seriously...lifechanging!!

    european bras are the best bras. i hate VS. the bras are cute but they are cheaply made and they actually don't even have my size there and they size me wrong every time i go in there!

    i really suggest going to nordstrom or bloomies to get sized.

    my favorite brand is chantelle.

  10. Lately I have been buying the boxed ones at Sears. The Exquisite Form vintage style bullet bra. I've found I need to go down both a band and cup size with this style.

  11. Hi-

    I was sized at Bravissimo (LOVE them) when I was in London and they got it perfect. Then once I lost some weight, I went to a bra store that sold the same brands as Bravissimo (my faves are Panache and Freya) and just tried on until I got a good fit.

    I would suggest going to a local lingerie store or Saks or Nordstrom.

  12. I purchase from Bra's N Things here in New Zealand but I was also a bra fitter for two years so I can give you some basic tips on a correct fitting bra.

    When you try a bra on, but your hands on your hips and stand side on to the mirror - your under-wire should come up in line with your shoulder - if it comes into your armpit your going to feel it pinching and it will cause bruising on your tissue. If it is in front of your shoulder line - then the cup is too small.

    Beware of double cupping - the muffin affect, over spilling

    You should only be able to fit two fingers at the most under your shoulder straps - any tighter and it causes dips in your shoulder muscles.

    Your back bra strap should be level with your breasts - If its riding up then the back is too big and you may need to go down a back size.

    Remember cups come in different styles so they wont suit everyone it takes a lot of trying on to find the perfect style, and a good padded bra should have the option of removing the pads.

    If you remember the above then you will be able to self fit yourself - brands all have their own sizing so It wont be consistent - I'm a 10b (32b) but have been known to be a 10d in one brand which was rather amusing.

    Hope this helps

  13. Felina Fan here . Comfortable - plenty of support and PRETTY !

  14. Rosina Lee.... THANK YOU for the info!! I will try to remember it all the next time I go bra shopping!

    Lots of good ideas for me ladies...some of these brands I've never heard of!

  15. THE GAP! They know how to measure, have a good variety of styles and sizes, and have really good sales! Surfergirlie