Sunday, March 1, 2009

Freezing hands Sunday!

Many years ago, I built a fish pond in my back yard. It started out innocently enough with me buying a preformed pond for my duck (who left me any way) and turned into a big hole in the ground. I thought I wanted a little preformed pond but once I started digging it turned into a 3' x 6' deep hole in the ground! This is how I tend to start projects...see below where I just started tearing up my kitchen counters one night! I remember it so clearly, My ex was in the house watching tv and came out back to find me in a big hole in the ground! He of course is laughing his ass off because he knows how I like to veer off my plans. I told him I was digging his grave...that just made him laugh harder! He became responsible for making up the plans for how the pump was to work and maintaining all that stuff.

Well today I happened to look out back and I noticed that the water was no longer flowing and when I went out back to take a closer look, the pump wasn't working at all. OMG I was going to have to stick my hands in that freezing water to get that damn pump out!! Now if I had a choice, I would just leave it till spring but I have Koi and goldfish in there that need the water to keep circulating in order to survive. So, in the water I went to retrieve the pump! Have you ever heard of introverted nipples?? I didn't know that was possible until today! Off to the store I went to buy a new pump and try and figure out how to get it all together again. I got it half right and got the water moving again but I wasn't able to get it hooked up to the filter because I didn't have the right size gasket to attach the hose to it! So the water is circulating but it's not getting filtered. That's okay for now but I should get it hooked back up before the temps get warmer and the algae start to grow! It feels good to know I can take care of things when they break! It's good to be a handy gal! And the fish are very happy about that too!


  1. Ooooh - I love your pond! I wish I had the room in the backyard of my condo. I will have to stick to my little plug in fountain and no fish. Congrats to you and being handy!

  2. Nice job Miss Fix It! :)

    Beautiful pond too!

  3. Great job fixing your pump! I love the pond! Your fish are really pretty.

  4. Stunning! I would so love to build one of these but I am inherently lazy. Great with ideas, but digging... hmmm have to hire someone for that. And until I can stop shopping for fabulous things I don't think I can hire that man. Wouldn't it be wonderful if teens still did the 'odd job' thing around the neighbourhood? They could have fished that out for you, and then come over and dug my pond.

    btw you can now find me at If you could please update any links it would be much appreciated. xxx