Friday, March 27, 2009

Veggie Cakes

Still working on the perfect veggie burgers. Nope these weren't it either but they were good for a south west style veggie burgers and much better then my last attempt. I'm looking for the perfect grilling veggie burger recipe for the summer! If you know of any send them my way!

Tomorrow is my big estate sale adventure....I've got my fingers crossed I will turn up some good loot! On another note, don't you just love forgetting you had something really cool and then discovering you have it again?? I sure do and I can't wait to put up my vintage patio lights I found at auction last year. Tiki party at my place this year!


  1. I love lentil burgers, dead easy to make and healthy.

    Love that plate!

    Good luck on the estate sale adventure!

  2. I hope you had good luck today!

    Love the plates, I have a bunch packed away some where.

    Those tiki lights are darling, how many sets do you have?!?!?