Monday, March 23, 2009

Soy Free

I don't think so. I spent an extreme amount of time tonight at the grocery store trying to find soy free foods! Because of my thyroid condition, I am trying to get rid of ALL soy products in my foods. Easier said then done, it's almost impossible to find things that are not made with soy leichten, soy oil, or in general some sort of soy product. If you don't believe me go look at bread the next time you go to the grocery store.... the only product I found were Pepperidge Farm mini bagels 100 calories. This will now be the bread I eat. Even tortillas have soy in them. I'm gonna have to start making my own bread soon! I know one thing for sure, I will be doing a lot of my own cooking for now on....I can't believe the things that are found in processed foods, it really can't be good for us and since I'm into the whole vintage life style why not get into cooking from scratch too. It's about time our society returned to good homecooked meals and get all this processed crap out of our systems! Plus, I live in one of the best places in the country for produce and organic foods, it's about time I take better advantage of my surroundings.

I made my own soy free veggie burgers tonight and they came out so-so. I'm sure with a little experimenting, I'll find a yummy veggie burger recipe and won't miss my soy laden garden burgers!


  1. do you have a Trade Joes by you? or whats that other place, whole foods, they are expensive but they have all specialty stuff, I see bread makers at garage sales ALL THE TIME!

  2. Yep, soy is in everything!! I spent an entire afternoon going everywhere from grocery stores to uber chic chocolatiers looking for chocolate that didn't contain soy. I totally struck out.

    On the bright side, a homemade veggie burger on a home baked bun sounds fantastic!

  3. Quick Google search came up with:
    I'm sure there's lots more out there, because of all the children with soy allergies.

    I think I'm going to need to look into this myself, as I'm a vegetarian with a soy-laden diet, and recently was told I have slightly low thyroid!

  4. Hi mary
    i am also dietary challenged- diagnosed with roseacea.
    When i looked up food it basically said I could eat nothing and so that's what I ate (and so lost a lot of weight!) lol I did eat but it was extremely limited and not sustainable. So for what it is worth I would really recommend you see someone first, if you havent done so already to find out if you need to exclude, avoid or limit. I found for me that diet ended up playing a smaller part than other lifestyle changes I could make. If you need to limit rather than exclude then you might be able to choose when and in what you cant avoid soy and where you can. Have you tried wholefoods stores? I always found accessing food with dieatary restrictions v difficult in the states- we have many more options here in Australia thankfully! ps I have found working with a chinese herbalist and naturopath really helpful in thinking about diet and treating condition internally. good luck!

  5. I read recently that soy is not good if you have a history of breast cancer in the family, which I do. I had no idea it was in so many things. Cooking from scratch is definitely the best way to go. That way you know what goes into your food.

  6. Monica...No Trader Joes no whole foods :(

    Bombshellshocked...It is absolutely crazy how soy products are in EVERYTHING and I just read in a magazine that the number one growing cancer is thyroid! Yikes..

    TikiMamma...thanks for the link, I will have to check it out! I was really shocked when I found the relation between thyroid and soy!

    Phenolicfanatic....I'm going to be really interested to go back into the dr's to see what my blood levels are like after being on meds for the last couple of weeks. I'm gonna ask her what she thinks about the connection with soy?? I have no whole foods near me but we do have some smaller health shops I'm going to look into.'s really in everything I had no idea ...I think people are thinking it's a health food and started putting it in everything...only now they are starting to see the long term effects of the abundance of to much soy in a person's diet!