Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring is here!

I'm so excited to see Spring finally come around again. It just perks my sad, saggy ass right up! I woke up Sat. morning and started to de-clutter my house. I promised myself I would stay up on getting rid of my junk around here and I have not been keeping up with my promise. But after this weekend I feel pretty good with myself. I totally cleaned out my closet and packed up to goodwill 2 hefty bags of clothing I haven't worn in years and just doesn't fit me anymore. I took another bag of nicer clothes to my Mom's for my sister who will be working an internship this summer for school at a furniture design store. I had some really nice suits that just didn't fit me anymore and I'm hoping they'll work for my sister. I also filled 4 hefty bags of garbage that just wasn't something that could be donated. Lets just say my house is clean and my closets are bare. It's time to go shopping! More vintage clothing please!

Today since it was close to 60 I spent it outside cleaning the garden for my growing plants. I have a fenced in yard so my cats also come outside to play when it's nice out.

My cat Bosche is a Manx and she is always on patrol looking for things to pounce on. She absolutely loves being outside and if I would let her she would probably just live outside. She likes to bring me little dead things for presents. If you look closely she has no tail....none at all....just a little tuft of fur that sticks up like a calic , kinda like a bunny tail.... she is known as a Manx Rumpy...I just call her rumpy butt. Bosche enjoys playing fetch with orange colored objects, playing in the bath tub when I turn the water on, and in general following me around the house. She HATES when anyone touches her where her tail should be but isn't.....I think she's very selfconsious about her missing tail.

My other cat, Mr. Remy is not really that into being outside. He enjoys coming out eating some grass or catnip and throwing it all up later for me to walk on in the house. He's a swell old guy who likes to spend his time napping, eating (he especially enjoys baked goods and coffee), and getting held and loved by me, his Mom (he really does think he owns me). Here he is with his face in the baby catnip plant getting high.

Right now, it's not a lot of fun for the cats in the garden as there is nothing for them to hide under or behind. Once June hits it's really hard for me to round them up back there as it turns into much more of a jungle!


  1. What lovely cats you have but I can't get the video to work :( I wish our garden looked like that in June. Unfortunately here in the desert everything is fried by the heat. I would love to have pretty flowers and lots of greenery.
    Isn't cleaning out the best, you make space for new stuff and feel so liberated, well I do !!! Of course you're always welcome to lend a hand at my house......hehe........

  2. Your cats are so cute!

    You've inspired me to clean out my closet. LOL In only have one.

  3. aw, your video isn't working...

  4. Dang the stupid video!

    I cleaned out my closets to get some good vintage karma going....which I hope will help me with next weekends auction!! I encourage everyone to do the same I feel much lighter today and you are right Jaede it's very liberating!

  5. Ohhh, nice garden!
    It's been nice for some time over here and the garden has got a make over as well.
    It's hard to believe it's only March...

    I love red cats, soo cute!

  6. Video worked for me - I've never seen a cat actually fetch! Mr. Remy reminds me so much of my old black cat, Shaka...miss him.

    I guess since it's more like in the 70s - 80s here, I don't have much excuse not to work in the yard! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Tikimama...yay you saw the video....she is weird but the manx breed loves to play fetch. Ooooo I can't wait till it's 70 degrees here, me and the cats will be living outside! Post pictures of your garden, I want to see what you're up to!

    Little Rascal...Someone once told me that ginger female cats are rare?? I don't know if this is true or not?

  8. Your kitties are darling!

    I am in love with your garden! How long have you been working on it?

  9. What a cute garden! And even cuter kitties :)