Thursday, September 17, 2009

Goodbye Mr Runty

Well, Mr Runty went off to his new home tonight....I am left with one buddy boy to find a home for. I think he will be the hardest to place as he is extremely shy and prone to hiss when scared. Who is gonna want a kitten like that? I must work on trying to socialize him better. I hope Mr. Runty makes me proud! Good luck Mr Runty, you little charmer you!! I will now go cry salty tears into my pillow....


  1. yay! i love when I hear about foster kitties going to train a new human ;)

    somebody will love the shy hissy kitty. my big boy (22 pounds of fur) is a biter and I love him for that, actually. he only bites when you pet him just a bit too long and it's more like a grab than a bite. burmese kitties - tough attitudes (but really giant babies)