Saturday, September 12, 2009

Open House

I like houses. I like to drive by houses and look at them. I might have even driven by your house, taken a picture or two and drooled over your little gem. I like to visit open houses. I like houses of the mid century variety. Today, I went to this open house and drooled all over it. This house will be sold at an Estate Sale coming up on Sept. 26th. I think the real estate action guy was impressed with my use of the word WOW! The place had some great original style to it with a mix of hmmmm I don't get it??

WOW look at that light! I don't get the Asian style doors to the coat closet???

WOW look at that original kitchen with gun metal/ metal cabinets...I don't get the floors???

WOW check out that glass mirrored built in and wood floors...what's up with that fancy light fixture?? Not very MCM.

WOW an original pink bathroom...what's up with that wall paper?

WOW cool shower doors...the bath room made me dizzy...who wall papers the ceiling??

The master bed room bath.

basement rec room

WOW cute porch but what's up with the style of architecture for the porch roof?? Where are my straight lines??


  1. hahaha i love that all the things that confused you confused me before i even read your comments!

    i have seen mirror-y wallpaper like that on the walls and ceiling. there is a pic in my blog i took at an estate sale recently in their very lavender bathroom!!

  2. I think there is a lot of potential lurking in that house. Some of the decor seems to smack of more modern eras, but the pink and turquoise in the main bathroom channels the 50s nicely and could easily be further fiftiesfied (homemade word), I think.

    Open houses are tons of fun, I agree! :)

    Wishing you a gorgeous Sunday, sweetie!
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Wow in so many good ways and wow is so many bad ways. i wish they did open houses over here, i love seeing what other peoples homes look like.

  4. ooooooh. i like those bathrooms in particular. even the metallic wallpaper - it's worth keeping, i tell you!

    hey, may i feature one of your photos on my blog and link to this complete post?

  5. That pink bath room is stunning, minus the wallpaper. Looks like most of those things would be easy fixes.

  6. I love that house!!! I would keep the wallpaper, it's so quirky and different!

  7. Wow! look at the camper in the neighbors yard!! very cool.

    I'm disappointed in the "oh-so-90's" table and chairs in the rec room, but I think I'm liking the bathroom even though it's a bit dizzying and that kitchen has huge potential (minus the floor and current paint color on the walls.)

  8. What a fun home! I especially like the walls in the master bathroom.

  9. Glad I sent 50sPam your way, I knew she'd dig those pink bathrooms!!

  10. Holy crap that house is too cool! And I am loving that little trailer in the background of the porch pic!!!

  11. I know I'm late on the commenting here, but... That bathroom wallpaper pattern is the same pattern as on the upholstery on the chairs used in Mad Men (season 3 beginning) in the Drapers' redecorated lounge room. I don't know whether it is an authentic pattern from 1963, in which that season is set, but I do know my mum bought some cushions with that exact same pattern new in about 1982!