Monday, September 7, 2009

R & K Originals Girl

I've been hearing lots of buzz about vintage Swirl dresses recently. Apparently Swirl dresses are the must have vintage dress to own! They are cotton, comfortable and easy to wear. The perfect thing for a busy housewife to wear while doing chores. Now, don't get me wrong, I also love seeing a cute Swirl dress from time to time, but my heart belongs to R & K Originals dresses. An R&K dress was what the busy housewives put on after the chores were done and they needed to step outside of the home. Yup, that's right, you heard it here first...I'm a R&K Originals gal! There's just something about how an R&K dress is made to compliment the female body! I have owned a few wonderful R&K dresses in my time and loved them all! Here's a recent late 1940's R&K dress that I ran across over the weekend and couldn't resist buying even though I thought it might be to big on me. I was right, it's to big on me but I'm debating on having it altered to fit! It's just a basic dress that happens to look AMAZING on!

Here's a little snippet about R&K from the Vintage Fashion Guild.....


'For the girl who knows clothes' R & K Originals was a New York
clothing company situated on Broadway that sold fashionable and well-made but affordable and moderately priced clothes. They were established in 1932 by the R & K Dress Corporation of New York. The label is still active today.

I'm guessing the fabric to maybe be sharkskin? The fabric definitely has a sheen to it and I do believe sharkskin was around and being used in the late 1940's.

So, you've heard it here first....if you don't already own a few R&K dresses, go find some! They are well made, amazing dresses in all kinds of won't be disappointed.


  1. I do love me some Swirls, but you are spot on about the R&Ks! I come across a lot of them at the shop and I have never found a bad apple. They are beautifully made and extremely flattering. Even some of the 70s and 80s ones aren't bad. And your dress is fabulous!!!

  2. You're right Swirls are cute but this dress is gorgeous. Thank you for introducing me to the world of R&K. I think i may have to hunt me down one those!! I bet this colour looks awesome on you xxx

  3. wow that is lovely. i'm unfamiliar with R&K, so thanks so much for the info. new search is on ;)

  4. Living in Australia, I don't often see more than one dress by the same fashion house, so I love reading the ones other people love overseas. I suppose that's another great thing about shopping online, too - it really opens up the world of vintage, doesn't it?
    Great post.
    -Andi x

  5. Ohhhhhhh LOVELY dress!!! this is the kind of dress why I started falling in love with vintage fashion!
    The colour, the shape, everything is lovely!!
    I donno what is R&K, but I'm gonna found out.
    Well, if it is big for you, perhaps it would be a good idea to alter it!! ...or perhaps you can sell it...and perhaps I can buy it hehehehe

  6. The heartbreak of Swirl dresses are price and availability. It kills me to stumble upon a Swirl and see that it's $150. But your dress is gorgeous!! That sheen is amazing! I guess I'll have to keep my eyes open for this brand.

  7. I love Swirl and sort of collect them but this dress is gorgeous. Screams for some Aurora Borealis blue beads.
    Silk shantung looks alot like this fabric. I will now have to keep a lookout for R&K. hmmmmm...

  8. Stop telling everybody!!! I finally discovered R&K Originals this summer, and have a fabulous outfit. Now I want more, but so does everyone else and so I can't find their clothes! lol...

  9. I love R&K dresses. I've got one sitting in the closet that just doesn't fit me right at ALL. I don't know what size you wear but if you're interested email me ( and I'll mail it to you. At least someone should get some use out of it!