Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Because some of you have asked...

lazy day in my freddies....

I am wearing...
Freddies of Pinewood dungarees...Great dungarees but I recommend ordering for your hip size versus waist size. These jeans are tighter in the hips but huge on my waist. I have heard this complaint often from many of us hourglass shaped gals!

Keds....I love my keds and they're having an awesome sale right now so go check it out!

Vintage 50's sweater...From my favorite gal, Vintage Joann's Shop! It also came with the matching black skirt.


  1. I am a Keds gal too! A dear pal of mine says, "it takes a certain kind of girl to rock the Keds" and I extend that compliment to you as well!

  2. Not only do you look incredibly awesome, I am rather envious of your living room.
    -Andi x

  3. i love my keds! i wear them all the time for casual wear - and darn you for saying ked's had a sale, but i got the Do-Si-Do black Wedge that i've had on my wish list for $19.95 (was $60)!! Free shipping code - 09FREESHIPPING (saved me $8.50!).

    I have those freddies dungarees too!

  4. I have those Freddie's dungarees in grey, i adore them but because i'm slightly on the short side the front of them comes up slightly higher than i would have liked on my chest. Other than that I am a Freddie's devotee...xxx