Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October Estate Sale Fun

I have found some very good estate sales to go to in October! Check out what I have my little eye on now!

Are they not the dreamest lamps you've ever seen?? I'm guessing Continental Art Company lamps.

I also hit on the mother load of heywake furniture! Running across an estate sale with this much heywake in the house is extremely rare. Here's a peek at some of it.

I swear there were excellent conditioned pieces of heywake furniture all over the house hidden with junk piled up on it!

Here's another auction coming up in October that has a killer heywake bedroom set!

It's a happening month for heywake furniture....I bet the evil heywake dealer will be there and all I will get to do is drool on myself a little! hehehehe


  1. Ohhhhhhh, that all made me SWOON. The lamps, the Heywood Wakefield... I'd camp out overnight in front of that sale!

    I hope you get those dreamy, dreamy lamps!!!

  2. I want that bed. I've wanted that bed for so long. I'll patiently wait, I know I'll get it.
    I waited ten years for my dining table. $70 :-)

  3. Those lamps are awesome! I would love to have that furniture in my house!

  4. Woah, breathtaking. I want the dogbone bed, too!

  5. OHHHH MY!!!!! SWOON!!!!!
    What a DREAM find!!!!!!
    I'll take the lamps, the red chair and some tables please.

  6. What a treasure trove! Those lamps are meant to be yours, I'm sure.

    Let's hope the E.H.D. has fallen on hard times and is short of cash so you can buy that beautiful furniture :)

  7. wow! i want to magically transport this all to my apartment!