Saturday, May 29, 2010

In The Garden...

My favorite place and Milo's too!

A before picture of my back garden...august 2005. My ex-bf and I had just put the other side of the fence up and I was super excited to make garden plans!! Why the pen in the yard??...I had found a wild baby duckling that summer and was rehabilitating him. He was a very cool little guy and my ex-bf even trained him to do jumping duck tricks??

No really see....piece of lettuce in ex-bf hand + one determined duckling = jumping duck tricks!


I have no idea what this has to do with my garden???


  1. I love your garden!!! It's like a little personal oasis!!

  2. Thanks! It's funny because my neighbor from across the street came over to talk to me about plants when I was working in my front garden.... so I invited her to see my back garden and she was amazed! I really need to find a before picture!


  3. With a garden like this, a strong mojito in one hand and a good book in another..dark clouds wouldn't dare hang around!! It's gorgeous!!
    I hope you weekend is sunny and bright ;)

  4. wow,that looks great! your cats are so cute.

  5. Amazing! You have such a great eye for design, I am completely jealous.

  6. I agree with Honey Bee, a good book, a good drink, plus good music equals good times without having to leave home and ya can't really beat that! My backyard is my personal sanctuary, my favorite place to be. Life is good.


  7. I love your garden! At first glance I thought that your house was the small building in the back. Is the large brick building divided into many units? It reminds me of the brownstones in Baltimore Maryland.

  8. I know and remember the duck!!!!! wow that was ages ago in blogs of another world!!!!

  9. Hun,

    You are in need of a big hug. I know this may sound stocker-ish, but I wish I could give you a hug. What helps me best when I am feeling blue is to bake a pie(while listening to a playlist full of songs that make me smile), then once it's baked sit down with a favorite musical, and watch it with my pie. :) Or when I am uber blue, I have my close friends over and through a party!!!! It's amazing how happy you can be around GOOD friends.