Monday, May 24, 2010

A Letter to Fran

The DeVine Family Celebrating 50th wedding anniversary.

George and Fran on the left...My Mommy is front and the glasses Mom!!

It's been so long since I've posted anything in regards to my grandparents love affair before they were married and I would really like to get back to that as I know my family reads my blog. Hi Family!!

Okay according to the next letter in the pile, George and Fran became engaged sometime in November of 1941! Go Grandpa...a cad no more! Fran received a letter from George's great grandmother. George's parents resided at 612 Linden Avenue in York, Pennsylvania. Hmmm, I wonder who lives there now?? I should check into that!

My Dear Frances-

George has given us a bit of information that makes us very happy for of course his own great happiness in winning your consent to become his bride, is ours also.

He loves you very much Frances, and we sincerely trust he will always truly merit the precious gift of your heart. You have gained an influence over him, which I hope will be a God-given link that will carry you both through sunshine and shadow.

We would like to have George bring you to see us as soon as your convenience permits.
With love to you, I am
George's Mother
Dec 1- 1941


  1. That letter is so precious! How luck you are! I wish I could find similar far I've only been able to find my grandfathers school books from the early 1900's...perfect cursive handwriting at 8 years old!

    Christina x

  2. I love these letters you post!Very glad to hear that George finally stopped fooling around and did the right thing.. I love how straight forward everything seemed back in the day.

  3. Love it and I like looking at other peoples old family photos too :D

  4. Gosh how lovely! My Mother-in-law never wrote to me?!

  5. I'm loving these. What lovely things to treasure and they just seem to 'capture' the whole human element of family members that is often lost when they pass away. I keep my grandmother's letters. Thank 'you' for sharing these, they are just wonderful.

  6. Absolutely love these letters. They inspire me to ransack attics and basements to preserve my family's history that way. Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. These letters you post transport me to another place! ::sighs:: Thanks for getting back to these. :-)

  8. Boy I was expecting a backhanded mother in law type of letter...These are totally sweet! What a great letter

  9. How sweet! I love old family stuff like this....even when it's other people's family. :)

  10. What a lovely letter! Thanks for sharing!