Sunday, May 23, 2010

Things to Think About While Driving

5 things I hate right now...

Seeing that kid who assaulted me in class, walk past me every day in the hallway. Someone dropped the ball on that one. But I did press charges and will see them in court this summer. Assaulting a teacher in the classroom is considered a felony in my state.

Having the neighbor kids who are 3, 4, 5, throw my landscape rocks on my plants crushing them ...all because their white trash welfare mother can't sit her ass on the front porch to watch them. She simply opens the door and out they go into the street. Did I say they were 3,4,5. I also hate I had to call the police to have a "talk" with them to stay out of my garden. She didn't like that either....went irate about it actually.... all I have to say is....most words have little power when wielded by the ignorant and the unenlightened.

The crazy amount of work I have yet to do, in the next 13 days before school ends.....extremely overwhelming!

People who prejudge me before they really know who or what I'm about.

People who think just because I have 3 cats, it makes me a crazy cat lady. I guess it would work better for them if I had 3 children to 3 different men. Oh yeah, that's so much better buddy! I'll put that one on the top of my agenda and get started right away....stop back in 3 years okay!

But 10 things I love right now...

Only having 13 days left of work before summer va-ca!

The good kids that I get up every day and go to work for. The ones that make me laugh and try even though they have such tough things to go through in their lives.

All my other neighbors on my block! Really, it's only the trashy people at the end of the block we all hate!

Oatmeal with blueberries.

How the air smells after it rains in the summer time.

Watching Milo get bigger....he's such a little charmer. He still flushes the toilet!

My garden.

My up coming road trip with my gal pal Kelly! I'm coming along to give moral support as she finally closes the door on one really bad bus!! Go Kelly!!!!

Good music.

People who take the time to know me for who I really am and not for what they think I might be.


  1. If they think your crazy with 3 cats, wonder what they would make of me with 6!

  2. I do not understand how a student who assaulted you is allowed on campus. What is the rationale behind that decision. Last week a student verbally threatened me and within the hour the paperwork was processed for expulsion until midsemester next school year.

    I have nine days left until school is out for the summer! Woo hooooooooooooo! I truly enjoy my job, but you can't beat free time with the same paycheck!


  3. Touchofevil....IEP sound familiar??....keeps them all from being expelled....I'd rather work in an alternative school any day compared to what I must face on a daily basis with some of these kids. I don't get paid enough for some of the abuse I take.

  4. Yes, sadly it does and I have seen it save a few kids in the same situation. It sends a horrible message to the offender and his peers. ' hope he gets to meet some justice this summer.

    I have worked in Alt. Ed. for seventeen years and I thoroughly enjoy it. The area in which I work is severely economically and socially bereft; however, the kids are great, the atmosphere is great, exceptionally rare to have discipline problems and I don't see myself going anywhere else.


  5. I love how positive you are. You are the greatest. This is why I enjoy reading your blog

  6. Blueberries are good in almost anything! lol Sorry about the student and the neighbor, ugh. Sounds like you've got a great Summer planned!

  7. I seriously covet your bangs in this pic! Is that natural or do you blow dry/curl them?

  8. Oh MaryD, I know how you feel on most of these! "People who prejudge me before they really know who or what I'm about." UGH, But its good you have more postive than bad. As bign Crosby teaches us 'you've got to AC-CENT-TCHU-ATE THE POSITIVE' and I try to as much as possible ;) I also consider you lucky, your rock throwing pests are 3,4,and 5 not 53,54,and 55... ugh The people across the way are DRIVING ME CRAZY... and The Chipper Mister Jordan has had JUST about enough... Hang in there MaryD 13 days!

    Im LOVING this Patsy Cline play list, just saw the show 'Always Patsy Cline' a few weeks ago! Love it, Love it!

  9. I can't believe a student did that! Ick... And I totally hate when people prejudge you...But the way I see it, if any judgement tries to rain down on me I'll pull out my umbrella! And love the love's by the way!
    ~Nick :)

  10. My stepmom was a crazy cat lady. I know crazy cat ladies. You are not one.

    It actually makes me a little sad for those kids to grow up with inattentive crappy parents.

  11. It scares me raising kids in the world today. Kids are just crazy these days! WTF is going on with parents and kids?

  12. If the cats were taxidermed and posed in your front window, theeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnn you might be a crazy cat lady. Otherwise, I'd have to say, "nope!"


  13. Great Post! I'm so glad you followed up with things you LOVE too. Have a great Day!

  14. I'm diggin' the attention-to-detail on the collar contour of your shirt and jacket!!