Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nicole Kathrine Reproduction Clothing

Hi All! Here's a new website to checkout if you haven't yet.... Nicole Kathrine Designs. Check out her website! I'm very much in love with her reproduction dungarees and overalls. Does anyone have a pair? I'm interested to know how they fit and what type of fabric is used?

Nicole Kathrine Apparel also features a plus size line called Betty Buccaneer. Check out the amazing Hawaiian style dress above!

And what girl doesn't love a cute sailor outfit with wide leg trousers. Love the side button details and petite sailor top with bow!

Happy Shopping!

Oh btw... please forgive me, I have not listed anything for sale yet as I have been insanely busy with work stuff! Haven't you noticed with my lack of posts?? Will let you all know when I do, soon I promise!


  1. hey mary! i love your blog and am an avid reader, when i have the time.

    i modeled for nkd and wore her dungarees in the viva 13 fashion show a month ago. they're great, and i definitely would buy a pair if i were you! (i do warn you that they do not have pockets though.)

  2. Love it!! I totally have to show my friend this... oh, and haha are we all busy?? You've got work stuff, Zootsuit Mama's got exams, and I've got finals and projects and everything under the sun that's kept me from posting regularly! Can't wait till the 15th when I'm done!

  3. Thank you Dame Mary ! I've lost the link for this sailor outfit and don't remember the website. Thank you thank you thank you.

  4. I have seen her stuff and its very nice, I love the skirts.
    You should put your clothes on eBay, so that those who cant access the internet all the time, to check etsy. I have work and in a different time zone, I want to can bid.

  5. Oooooo this site looks great, thanks for the heads up!

  6. That sailor outfit is totally cute! I love Nicole Katherine's clothing, i don't own any but have been lusting after them for a while! xx

  7. I have a betty buccaneer skirt! Granted, its like every thing else in my closet and hasn't been worn...but its beautiful! I love it! One of these days i was planning on doing a review of it. I say get some trousers!

  8. love it. i left an award for you on my blog.