Monday, May 14, 2012

Amish Sunday

Why so many Amish? Did she attend some sort of Amish rally? Join a new cult? Nah, I went to visit my Mom for Mother's Day and on Mother's Day there is always a Make a Wish truck convoy that takes place on the highway near her house. It always draws a BIG Amish crowd. They hang out on the over pass and watch the long line of trucks go by below them. I thought it was an unusually large crowd this year and Mom and I decided to walk down the road and have a look see. You have to be sneaky when you photograph Amish people. 








If you're interested in learning more about my Mom's neighbors, the Amish, you can checkout the PA Amish Lifestyle website. 

Until next time,


  1. Living on the West Coast I've never seen any Amish. Those little girls look so sweet.

  2. I find the amish community fascinating- and this might seem a dumb question- but what draws their interest to watch a passing truck convoy? Really interesting post, love it! xx

    1. My guess is for the social aspect of it. Sunday is visiting time and on most Sundays, you will find a lot of horse and buggies out and about on the back roads. Funny this event brigs out a lot of "English" people and Mennonite people also.....they pull their cars off along the highway and sit in their lawn chairs to watch the convoy go by. Now that's entertainment!

  3. I've always found Amish and Mennonite cultures fascinating! Although I think my favorite time seeing a Mennonite family was curio shopping in essentially the area where there's Native American touristy shops in Albuquerque. :)

  4. When my maple syrup supply gets low I always stop when I see them selling on the side of the road it's some of the best. I have family in Tillsonburg, Ontario (tobacco belt) and there are plenty of Amish in the area. What blew me away the first time I ran into them are the Mexican Mennonites that speak German in southern Ontario.

  5. Thank you for the beautiful images, and thank you for the link. Very interesting.