Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Creative Use For A Toolbox

I found an old metal toolbox a few months ago at an auction.  It's been hanging out in my craft/studio room ever since waiting for a purpose in life again.  It would be so easy to just put a few screw drivers and a hammer in there and be done with it, but lets think outside of the box a little bit...okay brain start thinking!


That's when I decided to take this manly utilitarian object and give it a feminine twist by creating something to hold my fresh cut Spring flowers. I started by hunting down some appropriate sized ball canning jars that would fit inside the little toolbox. I found some of Sgt's jam jars and was surprised how perfect they fit inside. Then I added some colorful marbles to the bottom to help support my flower stems.

I then proceeded to go cut some fresh flowers from my garden. My daisies are blooming like crazy right now! I was lucky enough to be in the garden just as a wild neighborhood turkey decided to have a casual stroll across the lawn.... Gobble, Gobble! To bad I didn't have my camera. I brought my flowers back inside and began to fill up the canning jars.


Looks great on the kitchen table!  I love coming up with creative ideas on how to use objects differently than what their intended purpose was. Do you have any creative ideas to share?



  1. That is a great idea, and I love how that looks on your table! Kind of gives it a vintage farm house vibe (which I so love).

    This can hardly count as creative, but I found a great souvenir pillowcase online rather cheap (cheaper than the pillows or pillowcases usually are anyway). But once I got it I realized I'd rather use it as a small throw over the back of a chair. Looks cute and at least prevents that section of chair from cat scratching. :P

  2. The latest quasi-creative activity for me was to dress Muffy Vanderbear up in patriotic wear and pop the picture on my blog.
    I like the last picture posted - it is so homey and colorful. I just want to be there!

  3. I'm using a vintage train case to keep my keys and other essential stuff in. Slightly classier than the two old bowls I had before I thought of this. :)


  4. Very clever and creative, I love being able to find things that can be "upcycled" instead of tossing in the trash.

  5. Your flowers look great! This must be a good year for daisies- mine are going crazy this year too.

  6. I do the same thing but with an old milk bottle carrier. I didn't have the milk bottles, so I use wine carafes (those were courtesy of my MIL) to hold the flowers.

  7. I have several vintage napkin holders and I use them to hold: my planner, restaurant menus, coupons, etc. They look so cute on the kitchen counter and hold a lot of your clutter.

  8. love this idea! It would be cute to hole condiments, napkins and salt and pepper too!!

  9. LOVE IT! I am doing the same thing... been buying metal tool and tackle boxes lately and using them for various things! I think a blog post in is order! Always love your posts! :-) Emily

  10. Hi again! So I posted some of my tool boxes and gave you a link... hope that was okay? thanks for the inspiration!