Saturday, May 5, 2012

WWII Air Show

The air show is coming, the air show is coming, the air show is coming!


I've had the pleasure of attending this event a few times in the past and of course I'm all about the outfits!

Here was what I wore the second year:
40's ruffle shirt
40's gab trousers
40's red cross shoes 

Reading WWII Air Show 

The year before that I wore this crepe/rayon dress with matching jacket.  I sold this dress a few years ago.  It was absolutely fabulous and I hope who ever bought it loves wearing it as much as I did!

 Here's what I wore the first year:
Vintage 40's dress
remix shoes
vintage cuban heeled stockings

40's dress with jacket

40's dress 

 What will I be pulling out of my closet this year?

See you at the air show!


  1. Both outfits are stunning... can't decide which one is my favourite! You look amazing! :)

  2. those trousers! I think I am in love!! You are one stylish lady :D

  3. Geez with that umbrella you look like you could have been standing beside Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbour.

  4. This event is AMAZING!! I can only go to one day this year :(

  5. Gah- I always have trouble deciding what to wear. At an event like this, where there is so much walking, it usually revolves around comfy shoes, LOL! We're going to be there on Saturday for sure- have to figure out a place to meet!