Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Strawberry Pickin'

Over the long Memorial Day weekend, Sgt and I found a great place to pick local strawberries...$1.89 lb!  Can't beat that price and I love romping around on a farm pickin' berries.  It brings back fond memories of my childhood and picking strawberries on my Grand-Pap's farm.   My Grand-Pap was a big fan of underage child labor and we were paid the huge sum of 25 cents per flat of strawberries we picked.  I realize now that if all us grand kids were smart, we would have formed a union and staged a strike for better pay!  If I remember correctly, it was Mom and Dad that did most of the berry pickin' for the strawberry stand where we sold the berries (also known as our front porch), while I spent most of my time eating more strawberries than I actually picked. 



strawberry girl

Because I am now a responsible grown up, I will just say that I didn't partake in any strawberry eating until they were all paid for!  See Grand-Pap, I did turn out okay after all!




  1. Aww that reminded me of when my Grandpa noticed my sister's and my rooms were clean (as adults) and he would give us a dollar thinking it was a huge reward :D

  2. Oh you have reminded me of going Strawberry picking every summer as a child. I'm ashamed to say my brother and I used to just sit and eat loads and then run round grabbing anything there was to fill the punnet at the last minute. My Mum would go through them and be very cross because they were full of mushed and rotting fruit, and wonder why we couldn't pick decent fruit like everyone else! We were far to busy eating them of course....

  3. I LOVE picking berries. The last couple of years the husband and I went raspberry picking with my family. I find it to be like scavenger hunt and you get all the prizes at the end.
    My grandfather also had a giant acreage of strawberry fields. I remember he would "pay" us for our work. It was a fun time and a great memory.

  4. Ohh, looks like such tasty fun! Fresh strawberries are the best.