Sunday, April 26, 2009

Clear the Calandar

Where will I be on June 27th 2009??? Yeah, I know this is like two months away and everything but that just gives me time to save my money for this auction. My Dad who also is auction addicted ( he is who I get this problem from btw) gave me the info for this one. Yes, I'm probably gonna have to save my pennies for this as I'm sure it will be well publicized and the dealers will be there in full force. But, I really, really need this lamp! It's a Continental Art Company lamp and would look great with the other two I already have. I told you about my lamp obsession right??? I seriously have a problem. I can admit I have a problem but I refuse to ever do anything about....that's right, you can't make this vintage girl give up her lamps. My friend use to joke that I could have my own airport runway.... ..hahaha... we're totally not friends anymore!

So, how much do you think this lamp will go for?? I ran across one here and it was going for $695!! My two current CAC lamps I have, I got for $40 each at an estate sale ..... something tells me that won't be happening again at this one. Now lets move on to the living room furniture! OMG sofa to die for! With a coffee table that looks very close to a Isamu Noguchi. Please tell me that's not a Moss Lamp behind the sofa....I might just die if it is.

But lets stop talking furniture for one minute to focus on the fact that I totally want the house! ( Read about the house) This house has never been touched or updated! A rare gem indeed and you just know some idiot will come in and totally rip it apart with cheesey upgrades. It needs me to buy it...a person who can truely appreciate it for the amazing arcitectual design that it is.

A lonely little ranch from the outside but come inside and POW!! A sunken living room and just look at that fire place! Wait wait is that a fiber glass bullet planter I spy!! OMG Ohhh I need that too! OMG I am so gonna have to sell one of my kidneys!

Mildred aside from all the fake plastic plants, tacky blue carpet, and strange dining room table you are my kinda woman and where ever you are right now (living or dead) I'm very sad that I couldn't have been related to you in some way!

So, who wants to come to auction with me??


  1. I'll be there with you in spirit but alas it's a tad to far for me to get to! That house is too gorgeous and I'm loving that sofa and strangely that pink tiling aswell. We just don't have anything that cool over here in ole blighty. Good luck in the auction, I'm wishing that lamp to be yours.

  2. good luck with the auction. my goodness that woman is my hero!

  3. I'm going to stop reading your blog, because this is driving me CRAZY!!

  4. Thank god for people who didnt think they needed to update! The pink tiled room is very kooky- tiles on the ceiling??? My idea of heaven- a great house untouched! May the lamp gods smile sweetly upon you!

  5. I would go crazy at that auction! Good thing you have time to save up your pennies!