Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shop Goodwill

Some of you might already know that Goodwill also has an online auction site. I've been winning things off of there for years...I use to get the best deals on stuff but it seems like everyone and their sister's cousins know about this site now! I've even began to notice that some of their items are going at higher prices then on Ebay?? CRAZY! The site can often be hit or miss in terms of items but if you are patient and have a good eye you can still find diamonds in the rough. Plus all your money goes to a good cause! Today I won these two vintage swim suits....One went higher then I wanted it to go but I think it's comparable to vintage swim suits on Ebay!

I will be going on vacation to North Carolina this summer and need some cute suits to lounge by the pool in!


  1. You know, I just found out about Goodwill online - never heard of it before! I'm gonna be checking it out on a regular basis now, but don't worry, it doesn't look like we wear the same size!

    Those suits are adorable!

  2. Those suits are cute and actually still a better deal than Ebay but I know what you mean I hunt on there sometimes myself and the prices for some things get crazy.I was sooooooooo pissed back in Dec. they had all this lovely art deco furniture and a 50's tv in the Indianapolis store which is only 45 min away from me and since the listings were pick up only I was like YES and they were all $9.99!!But then I remembered I was broke =(

  3. Wow, MUCH better deal than if you were to get them on eBay or in a shop!

    I haven't used the Goodwill site in... wow, many years! Thanks for reminding me about it!

  4. I didn't know Goodwill had an auction site. Thanks for the tip!