Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Road Trip!

I am so gonna go on a nostalgic Route 30 road trip this summer! I've been wanting to do this for years now and I swear....this summer I am so doing it! Road trips are the best and I have been dying to stay at the Lincoln Motor Lodge ever since I saw the PBS series on Route 30.

I am a complete sucker for documentaries done by Rick Sebak. He is my hero! He just goes on these cool little nostalgic, kitschy adventures that I want to go on too.

Have I ever told you of my weird obsession of buildings that look like everyday objects and not buildings?? Very Pop Art before it's time! Oh roadside Americana kitsch how I love thee. You can find your own quirky roadside attractions in your own state at one of my favorite sites...Roadside America! So many cool places, so little time!


  1. That sounds like so much fun. Last year I drove a section of Route 66 in Missouri. I had to do a lot of jumping around and over the big interstate to stay on the original, but what an experience.

  2. sounds like a great idea! your theme of everyday objects that are buildings (but dont look like buildings) reminds me of the very kitsch, often tacky and very 60s and 70s australian tradition of country towns having "big things" as a tourist drawcard such as a 40 ft "big banana" etc. Here is a list of them http://www.australianexplorer.com/australian_big_icons.htm

  3. I love the Lincoln Highway and I've got a coupla items about it on my blog. Check it out and have fun on your trip!

  4. Man we think alot a like!!haha I was thinking of taking a trip out to see Falling water and stayin at the lincoln on the way out and then there is the Summit inn(i think) out there that was built in the 20's. Glen

  5. Lincoln Highway, Route 30. I am going to remember this! It looks great. Next time I'm going on a vacation I know where I'm going...
    Have fun on your trip.

  6. Gunnar and Sherry... I LOVE your blog!! I use to go to the old lincoln drive in theater with my parents when I was a kid! There use to be a lot of drive in theaters around the area.....bad sadly they are gone. :(

  7. Glen... I've been wanting to see Falling Waters for soooooooo long. That and the Andy Warhol Museum in P'burg. I'll have to check out and see what the Summit Inn looks like! I know there was also a hotel at one time that looks like a ship somewhere along the way!?

  8. phenolicfanatic....oh that's a great website...40ft bananas are very cool!

  9. haha you and glen can be jellis of me, I have not only seen Falling Water, but...I have seen Taliesin West.

    SUCK IT! hahaha..


    Road trip time kids!

  10. SUCK IT!!!
    Did you just tell us to suck it!
    Girl please!

    We also have Kentuck Knob
    but Taliesin...that's where all the evil took place!!

  11. I'm totally all about the road trips, too! If you ever make it to Texas, we are SO going here: http://teepeemotel.net/