Monday, April 20, 2009

Cool Suits...

I received my two play suits in the mail today from Goodwill and all I can say is WOW much nicer then I was expecting!! Oh and they fit perfect! Quick, somebody invite me to a pool party!

If you want some cute vintage suits of your own take a look over at Glamour Surf. Or go checkout the Esther Williams swim suit site for a cute repro!


  1. I'll be happy to invite you - it's about 100 degrees here today! It's just a bit of a long bus-ride!

  2. 9pm here and still about 90 degrees! Those are cute suits and what a neat site Glamour Surf is!

  3. Come on to Vegas and we can splash around all day xxx

  4. Hi! You are invited to Mexico any time!! We have a very nice weather ;)
    What kind of fabric are they? cotton? They are very nice!

  5. Lizzy...they are both made of cotton! and thanks for the invite, I just got to get over my dang fear of flying! :)

  6. get your kicks on route 66 and drive here! ME FIRST! I have a pool and a tiki patio. DO IT!

    and then we can go to the Kon Tiki and get drunk like skunks!

    Serioulsy, love the suits.. those have you written all over them!

    And I took a picture of a coffeepot coffee house at the fair. Smaller than the one on Route 30 though.


  7. Kon Tiki....drunk like that sounds good and stinky!

    Ummm like hello redhead please post birthday fair pictures!!! I need to see you and hubby having a good time on your birthday!