Friday, June 5, 2009

1940's Trousers

I'm going to the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum's World War II Weekend tomorrow and I think I'm going to wear my 1940's gabardine trousers. I'm using the picture above as a resource to what direction I'm thinking of going in. I found this awesome pair of pants at an estate sale about a year ago. The woman who owned them was a WAC during WWII. She had saved all of her military uniforms and some of her civilian clothes from that time. I was able to purchase her 1940's suit and pants. Last year they were a wee bit snug on me but now they fit perfect!

Finding a vintage pair of 1940's gabardine trousers can be a difficult task but different sites such as Vivien of Holloway and ReVamp Vintage are making reproduction pants. If you keep your eyes open, you can run across them from time to time on Ebay.


  1. Gorgeous post! I find vintage trousers so much more alluring the vast majority of cuts today. I'm petite with short legs and simply cannot pull off a lot of the tight/cropped/cuffed/etc styles that are in vogue these days, but I think that a pair of somewhat high waisted, wide legged pants might work well on me. Hopefully I'll come across some one day that will fit the bill!

    Hope you have lots of fun at the museum!!

    Hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Fantastic post (and find)!!!!....I've been longing for a pair of such trousers for a while now...I may try to hold out to find a pair on Ebay, but thanks for the references to where I could get repro. ones...

  3. I'm like you Jessica...I'm not a fan of the "skinny" pant and it doesn't look well on me!

    Keep looking on Ebay as they do have vintage ones from time to time....Repro ones are okay but I prefer the original!

  4. Vintage trousers seem like they would be considerably more comfortable than the cuts of today's pants. The pictures you selected are delightful!

    Hope you have a wonderful time!

  5. I think this style of trouser has so much going for it: it looks really comfortable; feminine; good on those of us with short legs (I'm with you on that one Jessica). I'm so sick of the low-waisted look - it's bad enough on skinny girls, but it seems that everyone thinks they can pull them off, even if they've got belly rolls! Ug.

  6. I have been on the hunt for a pair of 40's trouser pants for some time now-no luck. But thank you so much for the links! I can't wait to check them out! Hope you're having a fun day!