Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cole of California makes a killer sundress!

I recently found a cute sundress made by Cole of California on one of my favorite sites to shop... You all know which one I mean as I am a super thrifty gal! I know that Cole of California made lots of swimwear items but I never knew they did dresses! So off I went to research my latest find as I was very interested to gain more knowledge about the company. There's not a lot of info out there regarding their fact, I ran across very few dresses online. I did finally get lucky and discovered The Powerhouse Museum's site (which looks like an absolutely amazing place) and was excited to discover this cheongsam and bronze capri pants outfit! What a killer outfit and it's made in the same pattern material as my sundress! This info helped me date the dress to early 1950's.

I love the peasant style gathered bust! The dress is in amazing condition and looks like it's never been worn. A keeper for my collection! I think I need some cute new shoes now!


  1. This is totally cute - I too like the peasant style top nad the fabric pattern is great!

  2. Gorgeous! I'd only ever heard of Cole of CA for their swimsuits too. Learn stuff all the time!

  3. The print is lovely. I rarely see dresses from them this one is gorgeous. ♥Darla

  4. Pretty dress!! it would look great on u =)

  5. What a stellar find! I too had no clue they made dresses - let alone ones this adorable.

    Have a wonderful Friday,
    ♥ Jessica