Thursday, June 25, 2009

Unusual Bent Oak Sunroom Furniture

That's what the auction billing said it was. When I looked at the picture, I knew exactly what it was. Do you know what this unusual 11 pc. bent oak sun room furniture is???

If you said it's Heywood Wakefield Ashcraft ....ding, ding, ding, are correct! I waited all day at a very boring auction with no evil heywake dealer in sight, because it wasn't listed as heywake, only to lose the bid to the guy who just paid $290,000 for the house and wanted it for the sun room. Asshole, didn't even know what the hell it was he was buying!!! The auctionerr had no idea what he was selling. I curse the fact that I was not able to throw down $900 so I could buy it....why do I have to be so responsible! This was a very rare find and an absolutely great buy, the whole set sold for $850. I am off to cry salty tears into my pillow.


  1. That sucks...I feel your pain!

  2. Why is it that every time I catch up on your blog I find myself wishing I lived over n the USA? We have none of this MCM deliciousness here. (well we have some but not nearly so prevalent)
    When it comes to furniture like this I just can't ever leave it behind. Even if it means eating 2 minute noodles for a week! So I sympathise. xxx
    Love to you gorgeous girl :)

  3. MAN ALIVE! how cool,my set is not heywood and one day I will be able to display the whole thing, this one was amazing!

  4. Monica...Your set is very cool... what line is yours again?? I have a 3 sofa ashcraft on my front porch...hehehehe can't believe no one has ever stole it! hahahaha Shit now it will probably happen! JINX!