Thursday, June 18, 2009


~A view from my front window~

~Week In Review~

  • Took both cats to the vets. A blood sport between Mr. Remy and me! He drew blood but I won!
  • Put mulch around front flower garden.
  • Scheduled all important Dr. appointments.
  • Decluttering the closet.
  • Spending 3-4 hours working on graduate classes a day!!!
  • Ebaying.
  • Watching it rain.
  • Eating grilled cheese!!!
  • Goin to the gym.
  • Making friends with the local police department!
I'm having such a blast my first week of summer vacation! But if one more person says to me...Oh that must be nice to be a teacher and have your summers off...I'm gonna smack them in the head! Even if I like them, they're getting smacked. Give me a break! Trust me, I work my ass off and probably put in enough overtime every day to make up for having the summer off! I think it's probably the same feeling a stay at home Mom feels when someone says to them...must be nice to stay at home and have your husband support you! It's like they think you do nothing at home all day and have no stress?? Why do people always think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence?


  1. Because people like to talk before they think! MMMM that looks so yummy.

  2. Hey it must be nice....just kidding! I come from a family of teachers.

    Yawn, just taking a break from my stay at home mom routine of sitting around painting my nails and napping to comment! :P

  3. Oh, that looks delicious! I love your blog and your amazing style!

  4. Trixie...thanks so much for taking tim eout of ya bon bon eating time to stop by! :) hehehe

    Indy....grilled cheese are the best...thanks for the lovely comment too! :*

  5. Graduate classes? Good for you!

    Yeah, my husband just started his big summer "vacation" which will consist of 5 weeks of teaching summer school and spending every other spare moment doing construction jobs to try to keep us afloat. Enjoy any relaxation time you can get - you deserve it!!

  6. Hear-hear! I'm with you entirely about people viewing the neighbor's grass as being more verdant than their own. It's sad that so many people judge things they have never experienced first hand (like being a teacher, stay-at-home mom, etc).

    BTW, I had something very similar for supper tonight: boiled fingerling Yukon Gold spuds and grilled cheese made with aged reduced fat cheddar on Italian bread.

    Here's to the hope that your summer will be as relaxing as possible - as Tikimama wisely said, you deserve it!!!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  7. lol. you make a great point about the stay at home mom comparison.

  8. What a beautiful view of your garden, I'm green, pun intended, with envy that I don't see such lush gardens here in Vegas. Yum, grilled cheese ! I'm off to do my long list of domestic goddess chores, there is always something that needs doing when you stay at home. Work is always with you !
    I love your story about meeting the local police, I know you weren't laughing but as I was reading I admit I was having a giggle at your expense...........sorry............couldn't help it xxx

  9. Can you please email me the contents of your plate? Looks yummy!

  10. GG...I didn't know you were a domestic goddess...I should have known at least about the goddess part anyway! I'm glad you got a giggle out of my traumatic police sister and mom thought it pretty funny too! Never a dull moment with me ! :)

  11. I understand the smacking urge- I am a librarian and we get the same comments about summer. I am still up at school ordering books for next year, however. But I won't complain too loudly- I am doing a lot of sitting and ordering. Your pics of the estate were fabulous! Thanks for sharing.