Sunday, June 21, 2009

MCM Estate

Today was preview day for this auction that I have been so excited about now for months. All I can say is what the hell?? Where was all the cool 50s/60s stuff??? How lame is it to advertise a big estate sale full of vintage MCM things when there really wasn't any?? I call that pretty stupid. Looks to me like things got picked over all ready! Okay so lack of cool crap but OMG the Estate itself was AMAZING! In need of tons of work but one super fab house!

~Kitchen view~

~Bath Room~

~The Bar~

~The Card Table~
The house has three bedrooms and a sunken living room and for the most part it's a rather small house. But the grounds are AMAZING and I could just imagine what they must have been like back in the heydays! The amount of craftsmanship seen in the stone work was incredible. The house is completely over grown with bushes and weeds but has potential to be one incredible home again!

~The steps leading to the back yard and pond from terrace~

~The terrace overlooking back yard~

~There use to be a built in pool in the middle of the terrace but they filled it in leaving a fish pond???(where the big rocks are) It's a big empty hole...they should have kept the pool!~

~The small lake/pond behind the house! Has it's own little boat dock too!~


  1. Shame about the auction but that is one seriously cool house!!

  2. Hey thanks for taking the pics Mary- I was wondering what the rest of the house looked like- and the gardens show the hallmarks of what would have been awesome surrounds. It's so disappointing when auctions offer so much and deliver so little- but you have still have to go and take the risk (otherwise I make up all sorts of things in my mind about what I might have missed out on!).Hope you are well! Michele xx

  3. Oh Wow ! What a dream house ! Unfortunatley so many estate liquidators throw away (yikes!) , tons of interesting stuff before a sale or as you said they let a select few "pick" the sale beforehand :(

  4. OMG that kitchen/bathroom/bar I want! Sorry it didn't turn out for you, but thanks for sharing the photos, those are keepers!