Friday, July 17, 2009

Day One: Road Trip

We started out at Haines Shoe House! The best place to start a kitsch filled road trip and what girl doesn't like shoes?? Unfortunately for us, the shoe house was closed. :( So, no ice cream or tour. But I live close to this lovely shoe and will go back another time! Stay tuned for that!

We drove through York, Gettysburg, and Chambersburg! We spotted lots of roadside things along the way just as we were driving past! The fella always offered to turn around so I could get a photo but I hated having him do that and I vowed to pay better attention as we drove. For awhile we saw nothing but mountains and steep winding roads that were just as scary to drive up as they were to drive down. We eventually came to the little mountain town of McConnellsburg, Pa where we stopped for lunch and found this really cool neon sign. The place is still in business too! Must be those private showers that they offer that have kept them in business for so long. Hmmm, I wonder what happens if someone wants to share their shower?

On to the lovely little town of Everett, PA...I real liked this town for some reason?? Perhaps it was their quaint main street? Here I was able to take a LHW roadside mural picture and found the sundae ice cream building, a giant roadside quarter, and another fab neon sign but no private showers.

Notice how I am becoming much better at taking pictures out the truck window as the fella drives by like a maniac! Just kiddin, he doesn't drive like a maniac....he drives more like a blind man! hehehe Okay, on to Bedford, PA where we found such wonderful roadside oddities like the Coffee Pot House and the art deco Dunkle's Gulf Station. Are you starting to see the theme that this road trip is beginning to take? If not you certainly will soon enough!

By this point it had been a long day already so we headed over to Mann's Choice, PA to the nostalgic roadside motel cabins at The Lincoln Motor Court to check into our cabin and relax! This is also the place where my head got stuck in that fun photograph picture hole that was metal and hot as hatties!

This was how our first day ended. We did run around to look for some food but ended up at the grocery store and using the microwave to make dinner in the room. The fun of this was trying not to blow the fuse as we cooked! The cabins also only provided hot water twice a day between the hours of 6am-11am and 7pm-12am. Not your typical motel by any means but definetly worth a nights stay!

There were two things that I missed that I wanted to see but didn't have time to.... Gravity Hill and The Flight 93 Crash Sight Memorial in nearby Shenksville, Pa

Coming soon...Day Two: Falling Water!

This last picture is for the fella! And no, don't even bother asking, he wouldn't let me drive!


  1. Your trip looks like a blast! The shoe house is awesome and the little matching mailbox is unbelieveably cute!!!

    Enjoy your weekend, sweetie, and have a great rest of your trip!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Everything you've photographed is adorably retro, especially those darling cabins!!!! Thank you for a fun look at your road trip!

  3. Your trip sounds like a blast and all those great kitsch sites, as an art deco fan I'm loving the Gulf station. Can't wait to hear about more of your advetures.

    Also I've tagged you in my blog today, I hope you like.


  4. Great post! I love those places too. Does the shoe house still have a shoe doghouse in the back?

  5. wow, so many treasures like that still standing and beautifully being cared for - i love it! we don't have too much of that still here in California. Looking forward to more of your trip.

  6. Those cabins look divine!! I want to go there!

  7. This looks like so much fun! My kind of road trip! Can't wait to see more. :)

  8. Gunnar& Sherry...Yup the little doggie shoe house is still there!

    Hope everyone is enjoying!

  9. Wow! How cute everything is!! What a great trip!

  10. Love the photos! On a roadtrip myself so will have to take some time to catch up on your doin's and perhaps cross post some of your fun on Retro Roadmap!

  11. I'm jealous - on road trips in Australia all you see are trees, grass, trees, piles of bricks that used to be cute little neon signs or houses that look like shoes!
    -Andi x