Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vintage Kitten

I'm a poor cat sucker. I try very hard to stay away from animal shelters because of the problem that I have. I guess really, I am more then just a poor cat sucker, since I have adopted and cared for a variety of abandoned animals in my time... this would also include men! hahaha Poor sucker is more like it!

When it really comes down to it, it's my little sister's fault that things turned out the way they did. I was spending time with my sister yesterday and she said, "hey, didn't you want to look at kittens...lets go check out the Humane League!" I was just gonna look but while I was there a woman came up to me and asked me if I would be interested in maybe taking her cat and kittens. The story goes like this....apparently the woman lived in a town that the Humane League did not work with. They told her they would not take the Mamacita and her kittens which, are only 4 days old. Even if they did take them, they said they have no room because they are overwhelmed with kittens so, they would euthanize them. The woman told me they belonged to her neighbor who had very little kids who kept picking the kittens up and wouldn't leave them alone. She said there were originally 4 but 2 had died. The woman said she would keep them but she has a pit bull that would eat them. I went out to her car to have a look see and I, being a poor cat sucker, said I would take them! The Humane League was very nice and gave me a cardboard box cat carrier to put them in and some cans of food for the Mamacita. They gave me lots of information regarding what I should look for to make sure Mama is taking care of the babies. I was a little worried at first because they told me since 2 have died already she might be neglectful or that they could be sick. I was a bit worried that I would have to feed them with an eye dropper every two hours but mama is taking wonderful care of her babies. She is an absolutely wonderful cat and has the best manners.

The kittens are about 4 days old and their little ears and eyes are closed. They fit in the palm of my hands. I can't get over how tiny they are! They are both boys and the one on the left is the pushy one. I call him Pushy and the one on the right I call Runt. How appropriate! I'm planning on fostering them and then finding them good homes with other poor cat suckers like me.

My sister thought it was real funny how I went to look for one kitten and brought home a family of 3. My sister is quite the smartass and as we drove home she would see a duck and say...look a duck! Why don't you rescue it! Look a cow!! Go rescue it! hahahahaha 20 year olds think they're so funny!


  1. Lovely blog!
    I too am a sucker for animals, though I'm more a dog person than a cat person, but I love all animals really.
    I have to stay away from shelter, adoption events, etc. too. I want to help them all but I can't :(

  2. Hi Lizzy!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Yes, it was very sad to see the kitties kept in cages and as you walk by they would meow and stick their paws out at you. If only people would be more responsible with their pets by spaying/neutering them.


  3. thank you so much for doing this. you are wonderful!!

  4. What a wonderful thing to do. I can't go to the shelter as I would bring home everything, at the dog show here they have adoptions and the hubby drags me away before I get too upset. I have to wonder if like me you will become so attached and you will keep them all.

  5. You are such a wonderful person! I wish I could foster, but my working wouldn't make it ideal. Maybe one day!

  6. All the best to you and your kitts. I never go to the shelter, I'd want to save every last one of 'em. Our pup is enough for now!

  7. oh boy...that's too cute...i am not even allowed to read the classifieds b/c of the pics of pets being sold or given away there. If I could I would take em all :)

    By the way, I'm the one who just bought that FAB swing dress from you. Thanks for being so accommodating. I really appreciate it and can't WAIT to take it out for a spin ;)

  8. I went to get an older already declawed cat and my landlord told me that I cant have one :(

    You are just too good in taking Mama and the kids :) that is so sweet!

  9. Oh how sweet of you to do that! You are great!
    I love kitties, have 2 of my own we rescued from a shelter last year when that year our 3 kitties we had died, separate times but they were all just old and their bodies gave out, the oldest was 18! So now we have a one year old and two year old.
    One of our old kitties I rescued at the mall, my Mom and I went to the pet store, we figured we were safe there, we wouldn't buy one from there we always rescued pets, and a kid and Mom came in with a kitten saying they found it outside the mall, and the store wouldn't take it, so the Mom said well we will have to put it back outside!!!! (with a high traffic road! wtf!) I said NO you can't do that, I'll take her, and we adopted her! She was a wonderful loving kitty!
    Many of our pets came to our house that way as kids too, lol.
    One time when I was going to college at Duff's in downtown pgh. we found 3 kitten in a trash can!! So sad, so we got them out and smuggled them into the school, lol! I showed my one teacher that was nice and I could trust and he got us a box for them, I figured I would have to take them home, but we went up to the lounge and ended up finding nice people that went there that wanted to adopt them and take them home thankfully. ( which is good, my mom would've killed me, we had several already!)

    The mother is beautiful and the kittens are adorable! :O)

  10. Oh gosh, I'm an animal sucker too, so I know all too well the "I already have too many pets but I can't leave this one there" feeling. LOL! I cannot go to the shelter or pet stores because I would come home with 48 new pets. I love tabbies and those are some seriously cute kittens. I'm glad Mama Cat is so well-mannered. They are darling. Thanks for rescuing them, for all of us "suckers" Hehe!!!