Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Road Trip Day 3 & 4

After a yummy breakfast in the beautiful Summit Inn Dining room, we packed our bags and hit the road headed back towards the Lincoln Highway! I have to admit, I did a lot of reading from the book about the different areas of the old LHW but didn't take any pictures! We drove into Pittsburgh and headed for The Phipps Conservatory.

I was super excited to visit the Phipps because they have art pieces from one of my favorite glass artist...Dale Chihuly.

Phipps was also featuring the extraordinary work of Hans Godo Fräbel, an internationally famous artist known for glass creations that are both impossibly imaginative and remarkably realistic.

I really enjoyed the Phipps with it's many interesting garden rooms! I particularly loved the butterfly room. I was also impressed with their children's garden.

After the Phipps, we went across town to check into our hotel, The Priory, which is located in North Pittsburgh near the stadiums. The Priory was built in 1888 to serve as home for Benedictine priests and brothers serving the parish. The inn is a charming, cozy old building with loud clangy pipes, at least our room had the clunking pipes, perhaps the rest of the building is fine? We did have a nice view of the city though and the room rate was a decent price which included breakfast!

We relaxed for a while and then headed out into the city for dinner. Can I just say right now how much I love Pittsburgh! I LOVE Pittsburgh. I wish we could have spent more then a night and two days there! I will have to go back. We woke up the next day had breakfast and headed to the Andy Warhol Museum. No pictures allowed..... bummer. After all the art, we jumped on the PA Turnpike and headed home! What a fun road trip, we did so much sight seeing in 4 days...crazy! Who knew my own state was so cool!


  1. I instantly recognized the glass artworks. At first, I was wondering if there are more than one glass artists who does that kind of impressive looking work. However, through a quick research on the Internet, I confirmed my visual memory. Dale Chihuly also have some of his works on displayed in the Sandra Ainsley Gallery in the newly refurbished Distillery District in Toronto. That's where I've seen his works.

    Can't wait to see more of your photos of your latest vacation. You're covering areas that I wanted to cover when I first learn about this area of the States.

  2. So need to go to that conservatory now! I live in the land of the Dale Chihuly and mu FIL is a glass blower. It's so amazing how much you can do with glass and how pretty all the colors are!

  3. The conservatory is stunning and the glass amazing thank you for sharing your trip xxx

  4. Hi Mary Deluxe!

    I just found your blog recently, and I live in Pittsburgh, about 20 minutes north of pgh in a suburb!

    I have to say I am so happy I found your blog, for the last 2 yrs I have been working on redoing my house in 50's (and a little 60's) style, I have always loved the 50's but was decorating shabby chic ( ack!lol! ) and was sick of it and since Hubby loved the 50's too we decided to change, and when I first started looking around on flicker I saw your pictures, but then couldn't find you again, I just love your style and you and a few others on flicker have been a big inspiration to me.
    My decor is not as cool as yours, haha, I have a mix of both MCM and traditional 50's, the traditional furniture is much cheaper, boy how I would love to have some Heywood Wakefield tables someday, yours are gorgeous, but I did find step tables traditional style by Ethan Allen, good solid tables for a cheap price!

    Anyhow, I haven't had a chance to update my flicker or blog to the new style yet and when I do I'll let you know, but I just wanted to say hi and how happy I am to find your blog. :O)

    Sorry for writing a book!

    Great pics, glad you got to see Andy Warhol.

    Take Care, ErinD

  5. Hi Erin!
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I will have to say that you can definitely do a 50's look on a small budget. I am a perfect example of a person who has done just that. You just need to know where to look for things and estate sales and auctions are the best places. We happen to live in a great area of the country for estate sales and you can start finding cool auctions on auctionzip.

    My Heywake collection is very small compared to others but I have to work with a budget so it takes me much longer to find pieces for the right price!

    Look forward to seeing your pictures and reading your blog!


  6. Paisley...How cool that your FIL is a glass blower!! I love watching them create!

    Conservatory is a must see while in Pittsburgh! I'm so glad the fella didn't mind me dragging him there!

  7. Thanks Mary! :O)

    Yes I will have to find some good estate sales here, we went to 2 last summer, it was fun and I found some small goodies, best find was an aqua vtg fan that my Hubby fixed and now works. Most things we have found on craigslist, ebay and etsy, a little bit at the flea market but they shut it down, boo!

    Thankfully my Hubby can fix anything, so we can find things cheap and fix them up, the best find we have is a 50's Tappan Deluxe stove for 80 bucks on Craigslist, he is working on totally restoring it so it will be not only pretty but safe to use, I can't wait till it's done!
    I know someday we will get some Heywake pieces, it just takes time but I was glad to find the step tables we have, I just don't like new furniture, well except for the new couch I am getting, but it's that Macy's corona couch that looks exactly like a vintage one, it even has nubby fabric!

    Do you know I live here and still have yet to get to Phipps!!! I have been wanting to go and your pics make me want to even more.

    Good talking to you :O)

  8. Aaaa! I also love Chihuly! His works is so original with brilliant colors and creations. :0)