Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ladies Home Journal July 1944

~Like Two Peas in a Pod~

I've been crazy busy trying to get all my work done for my graduate classes. They both end next week!!! YIPPEE! I will be going on my Lincoln Highway road trip next week I've been trying to get everything done before I leave. I refuse to take my lap top on my vacation! But I will be bringing my camera to take lots of pictures of fun roadside kitsch! Stay tuned for more about that :)


  1. The Journal did a lot of Mother and child covers in the 40's. Theyre delightful.

  2. The journal photos are very nice! I have a daughter and she loves when we get dress similar, like today! and I LOVE see her happy!!
    Is nice you are almost finish classes and soon you will go on vacation, and of course you have to take your camera to show us the photos you take!, does this mean you won't post anything till you come back? well, you need to rest also, so I guess we can be patient and wait your future post.