Sunday, December 20, 2009

Anne Fogarty

Many, many, many years ago I found a wonderful little black dress at a thrift shop that I absolutely fell in love with.

I bought it even though I knew it would be to small for me. But hey, a girl can dream can't she! I just loved the fitted bodice and very full skirt! It was to me, an amazing example of a 50's design! Like many of you out there, I love to research and find out the history behind my vintage finds... knowledge is power! So, I was determined to find out all I could about Anne Fogarty and the Margot label. What I found out was that Anne, was one very talented, outstanding designer. My dress was made between 1950-1955 when Anne was designing for the Margot label. It was at this time that she developed her own take on the New Look with what she called her "Paperdoll" silhouette. Her Paperdoll dresses featured a very fitted bodice and full skirt with which a crinoline or petticoat had to be worn to achieve the desired effect. My dress was a perfect example of her popular design.

You can read more about Anne Fogarty : FuzzieLizzieVintage and Vintage Fashion Guild. And you can buy my little Anne Fogarty Dress at DeluxeVilleVintage on Etsy!! Yes, I have finally decided to stop living in denial and accept the fact that my waist will probably never be 26" again!


  1. What a beautiful dress, i love finding out about the history of designers and clothing labels.
    Unfortunately i am still living in denial, i have a few dresses i am convinced i will fit into again, it's not going to happen i don't think!

  2. What a cute dress! I too have an adorable little number from Anne Fogarty. I found it at an estate sale about a year ago. The cut is very similar to yours, and I was going to wear it the other day, but it had tightened up a bit around the waist (te-he-he!) I just can't part with it quite yet though. Women were just so tiny back then; waist, hands, feet and all!


  3. My mother was always going on about the New Look and how it changed the way they dressed after the war. Nice dress..... it's sooo good to find true vintage. Loved the info re the vintage designer too. Thanks for it all.

  4. I just found a sheath dress by Anne and it's exquisite! The dress you have is just beautiful and I have to giggle knowing that she designed with herself in mind. Ah, to have an 18 inch waist.