Monday, December 28, 2009

Dear Mid-Century Home Owners

Dear Very Cool Mid-Century home owners,

I am not stalking you, investigating you, or trying to blackmail you for some sort of wrong you might have done. I am simply in love with your very cool house and stopped to take a quick picture to share with my friends. I hope you appreciate the very cool house that you reside in and have not taken it upon yourselves to rip out every cool old feature in your home to do some crazy updating you might have seen on HGTV! That would be blasphemy. Please don't listen to the lies that certain TV channels like to tell. Not everyone likes or needs granite counter tops in their kitchens. There are still plenty of us out there who enjoy fake laminate with nice metal edging and original appliances. I hope you are one of those people too. So, dear very cool mid-century home owners, if you ever find that you can no longer fullfill your duties as very cool mid-century home owners to this very cool mid-century home, call me!

Bye for now but remember, I've got my eye on you, so watch your renovations!



  1. Cute! Lately, I spend my days wondering how to take photos of some of my neighbors homes without them freaking out.

  2. What can I say, those two plastic blue chairs on the front porch area make me kinda nervous!

    Leah... Oohh me too...I always feel like I should be wearing all black and taking all my pictures as I tip toe from one big bush to the next big bush!

  3. hahah love this post. i was going to move into a victory home which was rented as an apartment, when the landlord told me they were renovating the kitchen... who would do that really?

  4. You keep a good eye on them...and run screaming up to the house if you see any "improvements" going on!

  5. Great post, I completely agree! Granite counter tops stink...


  6. Hello there,
    Loving your blog!!! Swing past mine if you can. Its all new.
    Dawn x

  7. Nice post! I hope the people who live there haven't seen you....they might call the police! or why don't you just know at the door and tell them "I love your house, may I see the inside?" =)

  8. Ooo nice house!

    Ugh, the hgtv renovator people make me swear at the tv!!

  9. Too funny! It is an adorable house too! I'll never understand why people can't appreciate the vintage details of homes and feel the need to maek every house look the same. I love a home with some character!

  10. Haha as long as they dont call the cops your fine! Every now and then When I go exploring for old homes I have 2 alibi's!
    If its way out in the rural Texas country I say "My grandma Lived around here, and Im taking pictures for her..."
    in town
    "OH hi, Im doing a history report for My school!"

    and the 3rd that seems to work everytime "Hello sir/madam your house is lovely and Has so much charm do you mind If i snap a few photos?!"

    #3 is my first resort!