Friday, December 4, 2009

The Chair

My Mom recently had an old chair reupholstered that belonged to my great grandmother. Now, I'm sure a lot of you are probably thinking...well whoop dee do MaryD what's so darn special about that? Well, what's so special about it is this, my Mom is my biggest fan and reupholstered the chair in a fabric that I designed many years ago when I was working as a textile designer. (I have had sooooo many careers it's not even funny...and I never know what I might get into next??) Anyway many years ago when I was working for this textile company I would bring home yards of unwanted should see my basement....I gave some to my Mom. Here's what she had done with it....

This is not the first time she used fabric I designed to redo a chair. She also did this one a few years ago.....

Now before you say, okay that is pretty cool. I'll go on to say that years ago I would actually see fabrics I did on furniture in furniture stores. I also once saw a fab design I did on a chair on HGTV. My 15 min of fame! I remember how difficult that design was do figure out and make weave right on the took me a lot of time to do... so it was a nice cherry on my sundae to see it on hgtv! See Antonio Bellatore, it's meant to be, we are like 6 degrees of separation, I had a fabric design on HGTV and you are actually on HGTV, it's so like meant to be! hehehehe Call me!!


  1. wow, I've had many jobs, but not one sounds as cool as a textile designer. You GO Mary D, you rockin gal with many talents!

  2. I really love the design of the second fabric! It's great that your mother put them onto chairs for you, I think it's a wonderful way of showing off your work.

  3. Wow, that is too cool! What a talented family, love your designs!

  4. wow your mom is so talented!

    also very cool about being a textile designer. i always loved fabric the most when i was in school for fashion design. (i can relate to the million careers! haha)

  5. Mom paid a place to redo the chairs for her...hehehehe she can be handy at times but not that handy! hahaha