Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What a Crappy Day Outside.

Here in the North East we are having yet again another cold, rainy, winter day. If this gloomy weather keeps up, I'm gonna turn into a poor, sad little emo kid. After a long day of having to deal with disrespectful kids at work, all this gal wanted to do was come home and put her feet up. That's exactly what I did to. After a nice long hot shower, and an application of skin so soft, I jumped into my comfy pjs, slippers, and fluffy robe. Made myself some yummy veggie burgers for dinner.... and will be snuggling down with a cup of tea, a book and my kitties very shortly. The perfect ending to a gloomy day.

What ever happened to Natalie Merchant anyway??


  1. Honestly, your evening sounds like a dream. I would love to do any one of those things on any given evening, and you get to do all of them! And I live in the Pacific NW and we get weather like that all the time...I kinda of like it. :)

  2. i love the rainy days here on the east for book reading/movie watching, perfect.

  3. Ahhh! I wish I could spend and evening like yours! I mean, here it has been cold and raining also, the difference is that I have to go out of my house to take my daughter to her extra classes (dance and so on) and also I go out to my sewing lessons =) and come back home till 8 pm.
    I don't like rainy days, perhaps for a sunday when I can stay on bed all the time I want!

  4. The perfect end to a icky day, with kitty companions.......priceless.......hehehe