Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dude Where's My Car...

As you can see, I live on the
east coast and we got hammered today by a big snow storm! I've shoveled already once today at 1pm and I just finished my second round of shoveling now! I think the best time to shovel is 11pm at night. It's peaceful and quiet. I walked across the street to see what my house looked like from the other side of the street. I opened the curtains on my big window today to watch it snow and I've never realized as much as I can see out, others across the street can see in! No wonder the old guys across the street like me so much! Whose your favorite neighbor?? Why, MaryDeluxe of course...when the curtain opens, she puts on the best shows!


  1. that is so picturesque- in ways more than you have intended by the sound of it! Glad to hear you are giving the neighbours a thrill. It is so weird to think that while you are shovelling snow we will be sweltering here in Australia! Merry christmas betsy! michele xx

  2. SO glad that is you in the snow and not me!

    At least its pretty to look at...from afar!

  3. It's just a winter Wondeland Betsy, so pwettty!! I've been hit by the same (on the Scottish Borders - big world eh!) and my two boys (schnauzers) are in doggie heaven playing in the powder!! Your little street looks so lovely.

  4. i live in new jersey and we got so much more snow over last night. i literally can't get out of my door, and my car is buried. they haven't even plowed!

  5. So pretty! How much snow did you get?

    We got about an inch earlier this month. You may laugh, but that's like a blizzard for here!!

  6. wow.. you guys have more snow then us in MN.. lol

  7. Wow it is so beautiful there!

  8. How beautiful !! I love looking at snow. We had a few lakes in Vegas last weekend.....really !! we did !
    You could have regular "show" times and sell tickets.........hehehe

  9. Wow so beautiful, we've had a bit of snow but i want more!
    I am always so paranoid about people being able to see in, as soon as the lights go on the curtains are drawn!

  10. Phenolicfanatic: Yes, you are sweating and I am is very weird to think about isn't it? I hope you have a wonderful christmas down under!

    Paddy...What is it with dogs and snow? My neighbors had their labs out playing in it and they were just lovin it! My cats on the other hand, stayed in where it was warm!

    Screen Siren...I hope you are plowed out by now!!

    Hairball...I think my town got 10" It all depended on where you lived my Dad got 24"!!!

    Jaede..hahaha hmmm I have potential for a second job!

    Stefanie..I usually keep em closed but the snow was sooo pretty as it was falling. In a few days it'll be really ugly!

  11. Ohhhh! That looks beutiful!! I have seen the snow just ONCE in my life, here, in my hometown it has snow just TWICE, the first time it was in the 50's , the second time in the 90's, so I can say I'm lucky I saw the snow!
    I know it looks beutiful BUT I guess people must be freezing!!