Saturday, December 12, 2009

Heavens to Betsy

Because everyone needs a little bit of Betsy in their lives!

Yours Truly

Betsy Bouncer and Her Doll

Betsy Bouncer and Her Doll

Betsy Bouncer and Her Doll is one of those weird Sunday pages from the early part of the Twentieth Century. Betsy Bouncer is an otherwise ordinary girl but for the fact that her closest companion is a grotesque almost-human-but-not-quite living doll. The relationship between girl and doll is a nightmarish one as the plaything is constantly plotting oh-so-funny ways to injure her owner, say by bee stings or a bear mauling. The doll typically gets what is coming to her, though sometimes in a surprisingly brutal fashion - it's not often the star of a comic strip is beheaded, is it? This all comes to us courtesy of Tom Tucker.

Betsy Palmer
Betsy Palmer is an American actress best known as a regular panelist on the game show, I've Got A Secret, and later for playing Pamela Voorhess in the notorious slasher film Friday the 13th.

Betsy Drake & Cary Grant in Every Girl Should Be Married

Betsy Drake is an American actress and writer. She is also the third wife of Cary Grant. Cary first spotted her in 1947 in Deep Are The Roots in London, and the two, who happened to be returning to the US on the same ship, struck up an instant rapport. On Christmas Day 1949 they were married, and deliberately chose a low-key, introspective private life.

The Crew of the Betsy Anna

The Betsy Anna was an 880 tonne steel steamer that was run by a subsidiary of the Berghuis Coal trade from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She was used mainly for transporting coal from European countries, steaming all the way through the Mediterranean and Baltic waters as well as all along the Atlantic Coast. The Betsy Anna met her fate in October 1926 when she stuck Prawle Point, off the coast of Devon. From here she was re floated but sank whilst being transported under tow to Cowes, on the Isle of Wight. The wreck has become a favorite for British divers over the years due to its fabulous diving and large numbers of marine creatures. In 2004 ULSAC adopted the wreck of the Betsy Anna and have carried out a number of surveying dives on it since then.

Betsey Johnson

One of my favorite fashion designers!


  1. Betsy Drake-Grant was also on the Andrea Doria when it sank in 1956! Awesome post!!!!!

  2. Betsy Drake was an interesting woman....also experimented with LSD!

  3. I find Cary Grant's LSD therapy fascinating. He also referred Esther Williams to his doctor for treatment and she said it helped her a lot.

    Loved reading about all of these awesome Betsys, although that comic is going to give me nightmares. lol ;)

  4. I love the movie Every Girl Should be Married. Betsy Drake is absolutely darling in it. Plus it has the wonderful Diana Lynn in it too!

  5. What a weird comic, very bizarre! And don't you look lovely!

    Great post about Betsys! xx

  6. There's an award for you over at my blog! xoxo

  7. Betsey was a popular name - it would be nice to see it revived! One instantly thinks of fun when one hears the name Betsey :-)

    Great blog, glad to have found you!

  8. My goodness, that's a lot of Betsies!

    What Ms Johnson is doing with her fingers is kind of rude in Britain... I'm scandalised!

  9. You're right... everyone needs a little bit of Betsy in their life. I'm grateful that I have a Betsy as my friend! :)

  10. isuswede...And I'm lucky to have a friend named Jennifer! :)

  11. Richard... ooh you poor fella...divert your eyes, divert your eyes!

    Some Like it Vintage...Thanks for stopping bye and saying hello!

    Thank you Pink Champagne and Stephanie Valentine!!!!