Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Night Lounging

I often wonder... what do the neighbors see?

I bet they think I'm!

I love my little house with it's high loft ceiling, sky light, and big front windows! And at $54,000 the best thing I ever bought myself. Who says you need to have a lot of money to buy a house??


  1. I LOVE your house, and for that great price, it is a win win. You should head over to zap home, they have awesome lighting shades, like the fiberglass kind, i just picked up a HUGE two tiered one for 65, i didnt think that was too bad for retail. < what reminded of this was they have one exactly like the one in the second picture, studs n all.

  2. where's the "like" button on this one? that $ is a steal m'dear and you've done a great job with your pad!

  3. Alex...Oh Zap Home is a great store with lots of fun stuff! I'll have to keep Zap in mind if I ever need shades, they do have a great selection. I bought that lamp in the second picture for $45 at a auction years ago.

    Beth...I so stole my house didn't I! It was a foreclosure and had been sitting empty for a year. I saw the potential and being the cheap bitch that I am the price was perfect. That's me... buy cheap and just make it look expensive!

  4. i love your house! what a steal! i also open the curtains in the front so the neighbors can see the formica dinnete, multi-tiered fiberglass lampshades, aqua colors, etc. I also wonder what they think. Lots of people in the old homes around here leave the curtains open. I see lots of beautiful old furniture, but nothing "atomic" or 50's. Wouldn't it be great if we all lived on the same street?

  5. Keith..omg if we all lived on the same street!! That would be so much fun. I can just picture the swanky cocktail parties right now!


  6. Your house is just adorable. I can only hope that my place will look that nice when I'm finished redecorating!

  7. i am in love with the knick knack shelf above your there a specific name for something like that...i'd love to have one

  8. If I lived on your street, I would be peeping in your house to look at all your fabulous homeware! They are very lucky :)

  9. You did so well, sadly real estate in the UK is never as cheap as that no matter where you live but where we live it's astronomical, we're only 40 miles from London. I'm so torn between having a home that I would love or living where we do, our home is biggish which is great but we won't stay here forever cos we just don't love it, this means we don't do everything we want, just cosmetics.

    Sorry for the rant, real estate prices really get to me over here!

    Your home is soooo cute though!

  10. How great ! Your home is so "you" and what a great price. You have really fixed it up. It sure was a smart decision...especially in this economy. So many people bought way more than they could handle. Good Job .

  11. Such a cute house! The Mr and I are starting to get the real estate itch ourselves, and hopefully in the next couple of years we'll have a cute little house of our own.


  12. oh my gosh, I'm just dying at hearing how cheap you got that! And it looks so -expensive- now, clever you!

  13. That first picture is so inviting! I like the idea of your raised ceilings. Beautiful pics! $54,000 out here in California wouldn't buy me a garage...even after the crash! I think I am to be a renter for the unforeseeable future.

  14. I loooooooooooove it!! I can't get enough of your home.

  15. Totally agreed! Our neighbors probably think we're nuts, with crazy hand-painted wallpaper and atomic light fixtures - but my little bungalow is the best 80K I ever spent on myself too!

  16. It is an incredibly cute, fun, swanky-lookin' pad inside and out and all for cheap cheap cheap! You've done quite well. It's not all about luck but moreso the "looking beyond" when you are house hunting. The "what can I do to make it me" is so important and a big part of the fun!
    I too agree, it would be swell to have a street full of deluxevillesque houses and like-minded folk. What a hoot it would be!


  17. $54,000? My gosh! It looks like a million bucks!

  18. Khala...Thanks...I'm sure your's will.

    Xta...That is an atomic shadow box or some people call them mirror boxes too.

    Dolly..oh I'd let you come inside for cocktails!

    STM...rant away, I think it's always interesting to hear what housing prices are like in other places...makes me feel extremely lucky to live where I do.

    Thanks's been 8 years now and I keep working on it...will it ever be done? I doubt it!

    Miss Emmi...I enjoy surprising people with what a big cheapo I really am! hahaha

    Paige...Good Luck to you and the's one of the best decisions I ever made for myself...I really encourage others to give it a go if they can swing it!

    Amber...Well in all honesty..$54,000 doesn't really buy a lot around here either...I got really really lucky...and I so know it!

    Thanks Rachelle, I hope your weekend tiki party went well!

    Mary...Thanks Miss!

    Miss Jess...high fiver to you sister!

    TofE...Won't you be my neighbor! I'll be right over for some ale ...light the tiki torches!

    Eartha...Work work work and turning something bad into something good is the fun part for me!


  19. Wowee, every time I see photos of your house it never fails to amaze me, I am so in love with it! And $54,000? Even more amazing!

  20. Aww, you're house looks wonderfull! I can't wait to get my own place to decorate...