Sunday, January 10, 2010

February 24, 1941

I think George laid it on a little thick in this letter. But really, who could blame him! Watch out Frances! It sounds like my grandfather had a hard time keeping his hands to himself. swell girl. George's one and only best girl in the wide, wide world.

Dearest Frances

Once more I sit at home, all by myself, in a dark, dark, mood wishing my Fran were here to put me back in the pink. Gosh how I do miss you Hon.

Dad and Jim came up tonight, and after supper they went to look at tractors, taking Mother along, and dropping her off at Bermudian for a lesson in knitting, or what ever it is she is doing. So here I sit, with hundreds of beautiful young hens out in the chicken house and not a hand anywhere for me to hold. By the way Fran, how is your hand? I am awfully sorry I acted so beastly last night, and I won't do it again. (Till the next time) Which will be Friday. If I am not over there by 7:15 I will see you in church, so leave room in your pew for me.

Well this morning at breakfast I asked Mother what she thought of my honey, she just gave me one of her sly smiles, and said she wasn't ready to make a statement, but that it was all right if I brought you around again, I believe she thinks you are swell, only she won't tell me. One of the pups you were holding last night, asked me this morning who the swell girl was, and if you were going to be around very much, I said what do you think I'm praying for. Rain?

How did the church dinner go today? If I would have had time I could have gone for some oysters, but as it is I don't believe I will get there at all, such is life on a farm, you get about one night off a week, and then when you go to see your one and only best girl in the wide, wide world she sends you home in 3 1/2 hours. I believe I will strike for longer hours. Would you mind?

Well it's time to turn the lights off the chickens, and start scraping eggs, 4 baskets to wade through, so I will close, and remain, with all my love


  1. These posts are adorable.
    What wonderful letters to still have, amazing memories to relive.
    If only dating or should I say courting was like this still.

  2. Ohh! Love letters ! adorable! And you have a treasure having those letters! I keep mine hoping somedays my daughter and my future grandchildren read them...well...NOT all of them hahahaha...some can not be read hahahahahaha

  3. oh that is sooooo lovely!
    I love the hen double entendre - or is that my naughty imagination!

  4. "leave room in your pew for me."

    That's just the sweetest thing I've ever read!

  5. My grandpa was naughty naughty! Anyone who thinks that people didn't "mess" around back then is crazy....human nature is human nature no matter what the decade!

  6. OMG I love that letter! I am so glad I stopped long enough to read the whole thing.. I have all the letters my boyfriend has written me from Iraq and some of them are to die for... I'll save them forever...