Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Winner Is!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Tart Deco!!!
Please send me your address..... Marydeluxe53 at gmail dot com

Newspaper Party

Look MaryDeluxe got dressed today!! It's a freakin miracle!! I'm also going out!!! Wow, I'll try not to over do it! My kitties also had a newspaper party as I was reading the morning paper!

Sweater: H&M... leopard baby!
Wool Skirt: Vintage 50's
Boots: Circa John & David
Attitude: Perky!


  1. YEAH!!!! Thanks! I will send the email now :) I SO needed this, I am stuck at home with an icky cold, but somehow I mysteriously feel better...

  2. ooh love that leopard and green combo! congrats to Tart Deco!!

  3. Oh my... I've been seeing so many cute things from H&M .. I need to go check it out!

  4. Congratulations to Tart Deco.

    To Dame Deluxe : How many cats do you have? I'm the slave of one only big phat cat and i made a cross on my dream of carpet. what's your secret for a clean and an immaculate house ? I'm disseasperated.

    Nice outfit, the dark green goes pretty well to venitian blondes.

  5. Good to see you're feeling perky now, and you look adorable!x

  6. Tart Deco...I mailed it...keep your eyes peeled and feel better soon!

    BigMama...3 secret is...I like to clean! :)

  7. Saw your article in Antique & Auction Weekly and had to check out your blog! Love it! I also have a hey-wake and francsican starburst addiction. My hubby keeps looking for a 12-step program, but to no avail! looking forward to you next post!

  8. Mary, I got the package and it was wonderful! The hat immediately went on my head and the scarf has been used 3 times already since I got it. I am just waiting for a tea day to use the purse :)

  9. You and your house are completely fabulous here!! Your taste in clothes and furniture/design is amazing...

  10. Hi Mary. I know this is an old post, but i remembered you have these picture frames I have been searching for and cant find. in the above photo, right above your tv is an picture frame with a beautiful shape. I have been looking for these uneven frames but cant find them. is there a name for them? did you make it? I love how the top is bigger than the bottom...