Monday, January 18, 2010

Here's Looking at You Kid

This is for Mick who tagged me over on his blog Everyone Goes to Mick's. Everyone goes should go there too.

So, apparently I'm suppose to put up a picture that represents me. Oh boy, geee wizz thanks Mick , I'm gonna really have to think about this one because the possibilities are of course limitless. How could I possibly chose just one picture that represents who I am as a person. Then I started thinking...for the most part, the people who read my blog (you all) see a one sided view of me. You see this smiling vintage loving image of me but in all reality that is only one side of me and the other side is nothing but a big goofy, dork! So, I thought why not show that side of me... the dark side!

At times....okay really it's all the time, I am known for making really strange faces to display my emotional feelings towards something. Common statements heard from my students are as follows....Miss stop looking at me like that, Miss what's wrong with your face, Miss didn't like that, look at her face...etc etc. I could so never be a card shark...everyone would know what I had in my hand just by looking at my face. So, here it is Mick....this one's for you and please notice there are no carrot sticks shoved up my nose! The side of me you never see.....

Now, I'm sure you are all asking.."what the hell happened to poor MaryDeluxe for her to make a face like that??" Am I constipated?? No! Am I practicing my Mr Yuck impersonation?? No...but the resemblence is uncanny don't ya think. I mean except for the green part. So what then MaryDeluxe??

Well first off this picture is from like 5 years ago and at the time I was living with my favorite ex-bf! He and I were like the bestest of friends and we did so many fun projects together (look how much fun I'm's written all over my face!)....and as you can see, I got my coveralls on and I'm sitting on the hood of what was my 53 Ford and damn if I didn't just bust up the new front windsheild that we almost had completely put in. Do you know how hard it is to put a windsheild in a car...this was the second attempt and the second broken windsheild. Broken window+ pissed off MaryDeluxe = Mary Yuck Face. But the picture is priceless!!! So, there you go Mick....... Goofy MaryDeluxe woman of 1,000 faces!

Who wants to play my game??? Duck, Duck, Duck....Goose! I tag...

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  1. HAHA! Love it it! Im also sufficed there is no shoved up carrot nose syndrome in this picture! Your The Best MaryDeluxe (woman of 1,000 face) Lon Chaney has NOTHING on you :P

    Now dont forget ot tag 5 more poeple to share with!

  2. All for you Mick..all for you! Oh shit!!! I totally forgot to tag people!

  3. Its alright! And I forgot to put in my first coment, Arent you clever! 'Heres looking at You Kid' :) my friend who is reading over my should keeps yelling "THATS A CASABLNCA MOVIE REFRENCE! *gasp* YOUR HOUSE IS CALLED THE CASABLANCA!" haha!

  4. You're friend is tooo cute! Say hi from MaryDeluxe for me!


  5. Wow you all should have just seen my "I can't spell a damn thing face" just now! Priceless!

    Your friend...duh!

  6. Love it! I'm a goofy dork, too. And a Ford girl!

  7. Oh dang...I guess i better find something. :P

  8. lol, i've got the perfect picture....thanks MaryD!

  9. Nice photo ;)

    Hey, what the... I've been tagged! :O

    Okay, okay, I'll see if I can dig up the "real" me...

  10. Love the photo! Good to know that windshields aren't as easy as they sound when you read the manual.... We are looking at replacing the seals on all the DeSoto windows, maybe I'll see if we can just do the doors ourselves and hire someone to do the windshield and rear window, I would hate have to try to find (and pay for)new ones...

  11. I love this photo of you! So much fun as that is what I am like too. Love being a goof ball.