Saturday, January 2, 2010

I Wanna Be A Girl Scout

Girl scouts are cool, they make the best cookies! Thin mints or perhaps Samoas! Yummy. Years ago at an auction I bought a box that had what I call girl scout hats in it. I don't know if they are all official girl scout hats but one of them did have the official Be Prepared girl scout pin on it!

Today I decided to rock my girl scout hat with some curls and pig tails! Of course, I'm probably not wearing my hat the proper girl scout way. I would probably get kicked out for being a rebel!

To old to be a girl scout!

hat girl

Below is the proper way to wear a girl scout hat....


  1. Love the hat...even if you are a bit of a rebel!! It looks great on you!!

  2. That cap really suits you.
    Got any cookies to sell? ;)

  3. Oh you look so cute! The look really suits you, i love the curls xx

  4. cute!!!! i have a late 40s uniform (with the color-shifty sharkskin fabric) that used to fit me. no hat though, so i always wore it with a red ribbon in my hair and red vintage loafers.

    always meant to collect more vintage GS stuff but never got past a couple of handbooks.

  5. Thanks ladies!

    Is it just me or does that poor little girl scout look a little grumpy in that last picture?? hehehe

  6. I don't think those are US Girl Scout hats- maybe from the UK? (They sure look a lot like Scottish or Welsh caps and the pin is not a standard US design) Regardless- they are awesome and you look great in them! ;)